I saw the pictures this morning on Bella Naija and could not help but cry. See me oh! I call myself a photoblogger yet i missed such an opportunity. Please Google, bring it back next year or whenever, I’d sure want to be a part. So i have decided to take the pictures from Bellanaija, i hope i don’t get ‘slaughtered; for this.

Organised to give various journalists and bloggers a travel experience with the help of Google‘s applications which make travelling easier with applications like Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Now, Google Search and so much more. The event was so much fun as the photos below depcited that.

These are the official photos from GoogleNG from the #GoogleInCotonou experience. Enjoy.

Arrival and dinner



Learning the use of Google apps



At The Sacred Forest of The King, Looking At Deities and other Important Sites.





Choi see landscape picture, my specialty!


So Google forgot me, it’s okay. For this thing Google did, I will be travelling to Cotonou to take my own pictures. What do you guys think. Two Lucky Deedians would follow me on that trip sef! You want to be the lucky one? Oya watch this space!

I love photography, it’s my way of life.

PhotoCredit: BellaNaija

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5 Responses

  1. funmi

    That’s the risk in carrers never be discourage,tho I love your courage.Next time googleNG might not be going to cotonou but other country be it Africa or abroad

    • Deedee

      Thanks a lot. I love photography and can’t even wait to go on my trip. Whether GoogleNG likes it or Yes..*winks*

  2. funmi

    Then you can lucky to go to abroad,Honestly this is not the end but the beginning#you will get there#

  3. roland

    Don’t be discourage by this bro…..you might be lucky to go Abroad next time so don’t give up but keep it up

  4. Charles

    Keep keeping on, hard work and perseverance pays. Next time I’m sure you’ll be going with them.


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