Let’s play a game. Me and You. Who can write the sweetest way to say goodnight? You can even win amazing prizes right from here! Trust me when i say you will when you share the sweetest way to say goodnight with me. Here is what you need to do! Share with me cute ways to say goodnight over text, something sweet to say goodnight, goodnight texts to a crush, funny goodnight texts, good night messages for lovers, cute ways to say goodnight over text to your boyfriend, cute goodmorning texts for her, goodnight love quotes for him.

Isn’t it time for you to share the sweetest way to say goodnight?

I know you have a seen a lot of messages, ran through a lot of ideas; Online/ Offline. But wait a minute, how awesome will it be if you share your original ideas with me? What if I have 1,000 comments or more on this post about the sweetest way to say goodnight. You have gotten a lot from this blog ( or maybe you are a new reader. I say welcome). There is so much we can do for each other, don’t you think?

For you to be here, that means you believe in LOVE and what it stands for. Even if you don’t, when you go through the blog contents, you will change your mind about LOVE. I am a ROMANTIC writer and I so much believe in LOVE and ROMANCE, so let’s see what you’ve got!

But before you do that, I am going to share just only one text message on how I feel the sweetest way to say good night should be written. I want to challenge you to break the barrier of reading and moving on. I want to bring the best of your game in here on this post! I want to interact with you.

Let’s gist, chat, communicate and share ideas on the sweetest way to SAY GOODNIGHT!

How will it feel if we all interact and chat in the COMMENT SECTION below, you will LOVE the sound of that won’t you?

Don’t read and MOVE on! Who knows what you will be missing doing that? There are prizes to be WON. Trust me. For being the first to comment to the 10th comment and so on, there will be prizes!

So call on family and friends, share this POST to all your romantic associates, let’s find out who has the deepest, strongest, and sweetest way to say goodnight.

Are you ready for mine?

Dee’s Sweetest Way to Say Goodnight

I realize that today I loved you more than yesterday, and yesterday I loved you more then the previous day. This remains a mystery to me as I could never have imagined loving someone so much more. You are the reason why I look forward to tomorrow with the hope that your love will carry me through life. You make my mornings perfect, my afternoon special and my evening amazing.

I love you for everything that you are, and I really appreciate your affection because you have given me every reason to believe that Love is everything. Good night my Angel. See you tomorrow.

What is your sweetest way to say goodnight to your lover.

We will start with YOU!





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