6. Seek “a” Counsel

Nigeria has never had it so good until Seek “a” Counsel emerged with an uncommon system of introducing counselling online.

This website was set up by passionate and knowledgeable counselors who were geared to take this bold step when they realized that many people, both males and females, are going through heartbreaking torture in the hands of their spouses/friends,bosses/relations and sometimes, strangers. However, these victims are being constantly silenced by the society that only cares about itself and hypocritical traditions.

The first e-counselling website is aimed at giving voices to the oppressed without the fear of being judged. Seek “a” Counsel is a platform for people to speak out their concerns, irrespective of discipline, types of abuse or relationship, gender, social class or orientation. On the website, people can talk about their problems and get counselling from experts and other members without having their privacy compromised.

However, Seek”a” Counsel is open to volunteers all over the world.

7. Matchmaking Mistress

Matchmaking Mistress was born out of the lead counselor’s love for every singles to find their better halves. Founded by a relationship coach and professional, Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds, Matchmaking Mistress is a romantic and counselling platform where singles find their true love and life partners, hopefully leading to marriages. Lara carried out this mission through her 3 channels; Help My Heart Skype Call; Achieve Your Marriage Goal Plan and The Complete Singles Club among others.

Matchmaking Mistress platform began from a close circle she once established called ‘Complete Singles Club’. The singles in the club only chatted regularly via social media networks and mingled monthly in a physical gathering, yet no hitching occurred as she had envisaged. Hence, the birth of Matchmaking Mistress, which had yielded positive results.

8. PsychNG

Our psychological stability is vital to our general well-being. That is the reason for the establishment of this Lagos-based psychology firm, PsychNG, which is here for all your concierge and counselling therapies. You can get the best in all forms of psychotherapy at PsychNG. They provide quality services ranging from:

– Behavioural psychology; behaviour analysis, adjustment for people living with autism,etc.

– Forensic therapy; in-depth psychological investigation into criminal cases.

– Custodian psychotherapy; rendering therapy services from home service, call service or therapy while on motion, enabling you to enjoy the best therapy anywhere you are.

– Consultancy; you will get adequate mentorship on issues such as educational goals, mental and psychological wellness, business endeavours, and other personal projects.

– Psychological; evaluation in the areas of mood swings and abnormalities.

Other things they do at PsychNG are; life coaching in all aspects of your life, assisting and guiding you to accomplish your goals and reach your potentials. They also give supports where your health, career, sport and other core goals are concerned.

9. Jack & Jil

Jack and Jil is an online counselling website which was birthed in 2013 when the creator, Leke Alder, was inspired to write open letters anonymously to imaginary Jack and Jil. His letters depicted the sufferings, heart desires, trauma and wishes of an imaginary man and woman who look up to the imaginary Jack and Jil as mentors.

Leke posted the letters on his twitter account and people’s responses were overwhelming. The reception spread across many nations of the world, capturing about 49 countries.

So he took his letters and teachings to the website in order to accommodate more audience.  Jack & Jil is the brain child of Leke Alder and on the website, members are allowed to communicate freely with one another, share ideas, stories and advice. And what more? Get the best professional relationship counselling from the founder, Leke Alder.


11. Pastor Funke Adetuberu

Pastor Funke Adetuberu is an epitome of the word ‘experience’ because her story says it all. She is base in Ibadan where she runs an institution ‘The Women College of Ministry’ for women who want to discover their callings in the ministry of God. The college hold classes every Saturday.

Funke is a teacher, pastor, psychotherapist, professional counselor and a relationship coach.  Her past travails, struggles and trials shaped her present decision to become a counsellor, mainly because she doesn’t want to see any young man or woman go through what she went through as a young lady from a dysfunctional home.

Married to a pastor and blessed with wonderful children, (one of whom is also an expert in psychotherapy and is a behavioural consultant), Pastor Funke Adetuberu holds certification in Behavioural Therapy, Family System Management and many more. Overcoming her traumatic life before turning a new leaf after becoming a born again Christian over 3 decades ago, Paster Funke is a homemaker and her vision is to see every families living in peace, void of conflict and malfunctionalism.
Funke had written 42 books in all her over 30 years of experience in the field. Her favorite slogan is “If you don’t know your worth you cannot carry your weight”.

12. Ask Dr. Malik

Dr. Malik Haruna bagged a degree in medicine at the University of Jos and is also a sex therapist who specialises in reproductive health for women and sexual related issues. He is a relationship and life counsellor base in the Northern part of Nigeria. He’s a avid writer and had authored many books on personal hygiene and prevention of reproductive diseases.

Askdrmalik is an e-counselling website where Malik meets and interacts with his fans on several health challenges.

Dr. Malik offers online and face-to-face consultations, so no matter where you reside in or outside Nigeria, he is just a call away.

Do you have other relationship counselling service in Nigeria that are not mentioned above, please drop your comments below.

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