It is no news that TSTV Africa, TSTV Nigeria; a new PAYTV with incredible channels and great data opportunities has been launched on October 1 2017 in Nigeria.

With loads of promises to add more value to the lives of Nigerians by providing value added services, we can’t but hope that the PAYTV service really and truly deliver on its promises. How else will you accept a PAYTV with the ability to pause subscriptions for an incredible 7 days, PVR feature that has up to 500gig in-built, videos, 20GB data amongst other pecks. Indeed the pay service is ready to give other PAYTVs like DSTV and Startimes a run for their money.

To the major relationship shaper and important things to note about TSTV Africa, and the new PAYTV:

1. It comes at a fee of N5,000 exclusive of the installation charges which may not be more than 3,000 as the space may be. It is important that famikies interested in making this purchase budget as high as this amount in order to purchase the new PAYTV. As a family, if this is already the trending issues between you and your wife, it is time to put this amount aside in order to avoid stories that touch when it is time to get the trending TSTV Africa’s decoder into your home.

2. One of the trending issues regarding TSTV’s Africa feature is the ability to pause and play whenever one gets busy and needs to get back later to continue watching from where it was stopped. It is important that everyone understands that the pause and play feature will not last forever, as one can only do this for 7 days. This feature will only be available for TSTV Africa’s premium users of N3,000 monthly subscription.

This in effect means that you only get value for money for 37 days in a month. I’m sure a lot of Nigerians will not be happy with this development. However we all need to understand that this is the best service offering compared to other PAYTV service we have in ground presently in the country. We should also remember that there are other added pecks to this incredible PAYTV service that we can’t just afford not to buy. If I were in your shoes right now, I’d be the first to head to the TSTV Africa office to make my purchase.






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