I know I naturally like to kiss, YES! You heard Deedee right.

I am a badass kisser like that, or so I think!

But then, while sourcing through some content online, I came across this amazing french kiss video on Youtube by Vlog Love and Sex Doctor, Adina Rivers on the art of french kissing.

This was my excerpt from Adina on the art of French Kissing:

Kissing is awesome and I believe that people should kiss more…..

French kissing has some really dope magical secrets because, it can connect two lovers on a super super deep; emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

It’s kind of like making love with your lips and your tongue, and when your tongue mingles with that of your lover then you are actually exchanging tons of information.

I think the statement above is true, kissing actually connects two people. I have actually felt it before Have you too?

Adina did not stop there, she went further to say that….

It is possible to decide whether or not one intends to go into a relationship with some guy/ girl he/she french kissed. 

Hmmmn…..I ask the Nigerian ladies. Do you really french kiss guys you have not started  dating? This wan go hard oh!!! LOL!

To the one that really got to me.

French kiss can increase our sex drive. I would give that a yaaay! sure, it does!

She ended by saying that we should give kissing more love in this world because if people **kiss** each other ( she did not mention French kiss this time) there would be more love on this planet.

I kinda think this is true! But when I remember when what Judas Iscariot did to Jesus Christ? Hmmn!

Please make sure you follow Adina on Youtube as I will be sharing some of her videos as well on the blog. She just sparked all the sexual fantasies in me with this amazing video!

By the time you are done watching this video, you would go out there, make your next french kiss a true art and connect your tongue with your heart to make kissing truly special between you and Le boo!


Let me have your comments and thoughts in the comment section. Choi, you want to leave just like that and not tell me how you feel? Come on!!??


PhotoCredit: AdinaRiversOfficial Instagram

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