The World Refugee Day is a day that is worth celebrated. On this post is where you will find the answer to why do we celebrate world refugee day and also celebrate the day with the world refugees.

Why do we celebrate world refugee day?

The United Nation celebrates the world refugee day to celebrate with the world refugees. The day is set aside to honour both young and old, men and women who are filled with the courage, determination and strength to run away from their homes during crises, conflict, war and violence.

Who is a Refugee

Have you ever met anyone who had to flee his or her hometown to an unknown location because of war, conflict or violence? This is the definition of a refugee!

How do you celebrate and show support on the world refugee day?

Just as the name implies, refugees have no hope of a future in the near term! They have run away from their town and countries to seek solace in a country that they know nothing about.

You can show support to refugees by providing them with the basic things of life: food, clothing or shelter can be provided to be distraught men and women. You can also empower them with skills to make ends meet for themselves or provide employment opportunities.

All in All, do not discriminate or look down on the refugees in your country as they are humans just like you and ME. You can also host an event to celebrate all the refugees in your locality.

World Refugee Day Messages

I will always preach love, because love is life greatest gift. Let us love one another, let us be our brothers/ sisters keeper. The refugees are part of us, therefore we should love them as our neigbours.

Do not reject the refugees, what happened to them, can happen to you or anyone. Celebrate them on this important and very special day.



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