Happy teachers day messages. Happy Teachers’ day Nigeria, Happy teachers’ day. Here are my collection of messages to send to teachers on the teacher’s day today.

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What is World Teachers Day?

An international day set aside for teachers, and help every year on October 5, aims to celebrate all teachers around the world. The purpose of the teachers’ day is to support all teachers and to make sure that the needs of the young and schooled generations will be met by teachers around the world.

Also, it is important to celebrate all teachers because of the role they play in ensuring that all students get quality education. The popular phrase, the reward of a good teacher is in heaven, should come to mind today. Teachers are meant to be rewarded here on earth and also in heaven for the amazing role they play in ensuring a balance in the world wide education teaching.

World Teachers’ day – time and date

World Teachers’ Day 2017 for the 2017 year is celebrated every October 5, and for this year is today, Thursday October 5, 2017.

When is world teachers day celebrated in Nigeria

The date for the world teachers day is same all over the world, and so October 5 is also the date for the celebration of the world teachers day in Nigeria.

Teachers day holiday in Nigeria

The teachers day is seen as a rest day or all teachers in Nigeria, and so a public holiday is declared by the government to celebrate all Nigerian teachers.

My collection of happy teachers day messages for you

1. You have always challenged me to be better, work harder and ensure I have great grades. You are indeed the world’s best teacher, I appreciate you today as we celebrate your day with you. Happy Teachers day.

2. You made my life so beautiful, you made my future so perfect. You are one of the best gift that life has offered me. Thank you for making me who I am today. Happy teachers day.

3. You inspire me everyday to perform better in my academics. Even when I thought I never knew anything and that education was over for me. You did not only teach me the books but also taught me life lessons. I would appreciate you as long as I live. Happy teachers day to you.

4. You have been a father, mother, guard, and mentor to me. Thanks for everything. Happy teachers day.

5. I am the luckiest man on earth to have an amazing lecturer as you. You have always helped me to improve on my grades, always telling me never to give up on myself. I see your impact in my life. Happy teachers day to you.

6. Whenever I was slow to getting things right, you were always there pushing me and understanding that I needed time. I am sending my happy teachers day best wishes to you, I hope you have fun and enjoyable moments with family and friends. Happy teachers day to yoy.

7. You taught me how to spell, you taught how to write and read well. You helped me through figuring my left from my right hand, guiding me to understand what’s right from what’s not. You told me to dream big and fly high like the biggest bird in the sky. I appreciate you today teacher. Thanks for being a father, mother, friends, confidant and mentor. Happy teachers day to you.

8. Remember today as the day where I will set aside everything to thank you for all your efforts. Your hard work on me paid off eventually. You are the world best teacher. Happy teachers day to you.

9. You have been every source of living inspiration to me. You disciplined me with your right hand and embraced me to you with your left.Your lessons of truth is what I will keep in my heart forever. You are irreplaceable. Happy teachers day to you.

10. To the world greatest teacher. Thank you for all your supports and the light of enlightenment that you have thrown my way. Sometimes I pray that I have your teachings everyday for the rest of my life, but I know I have to move on to another phase of life. I know that with what you have taught me, I will always succeed wherever I find myself.Thanks for being the world greatest teacher. Happy teachers day to you.

Happy teachers day messages to all teachers in Nigeria

11. Thank you for your continuous drive and inspiration to be at the top and at my best. You helped me when I was down and thought I would not meet set targets and goals, you pushed me to do better, with your support, discipline and companionship. You are a combination of everything in one person. You are a God on earth, and your support has been amazing. Happy teachers day to you.

12. With the way you lecture and the amazing wisdom God has given you. The wealth of knowledge you have in you amaze me everyday. You have not only been the world best when it comes to teaching but you have always had a positive perspective to life which rubbed off on me and all of us. I pray that you have an exciting and memorable day today. Happy teachers day.

13. You shaped my yesterday well, such that today was better for me. You had always told me my future is in my hands and it is your duty that I do not go away from that path that God prepared for me. You always tell me I am special even though I failed to see it. You are indeed a great friends, support and teacher. I love you. Happy teachers day.

14. Thanks for your good and bad grades, it did not only show that we were good and bad, it showed our strength and weaknesses. Happy teachers day to you. All the best today.

Do you have more happy teachers day messages to share? Or you want to wish me a happy teachers day? Drop your messages and wishes in the comment box below.



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