Today I wish for all the beautiful childhood memories I had. I wish for those times, when I was free, naïve and happy. No worries except for the type of sweet biscuits I love to take. Today I wished for that innocent me that knew nothing like heartbreaks but just knee scraps, and slight bruises from bicycle rides. I wished for the little princess who believed so much in the magic wand her father got her. Have you looked at life and loving and just wished you are young again? It happened to me.

I wished for the days when I didn’t have to watch my back or when I didn’t have to scrutinize the thoughts of another arm stretching friendship to me, when just anybody could be my friend. Now, I have to be careful who is seeing me without my brows shaped out. I miss those days, when I didn’t have to be careful to do a lot, when I was fun and mischievous and didn’t have to put in extra efforts to be amazing.

But now, babe is all grown up.

Amazing thing is, it was easier then to get all the attention without any work done but now, I can’t even start mentioning how much I spend on body grooming, hairdo, fancy clothes and all sorts, just to look adorable. Then, I could just barb my hair with twice in two weeks and yet look so breathtaking even in my step school skirt

I miss the days I didn’t have to bother to call a guy so just in case he doesn’t get swayed off or distracted by the girl next door. I miss the days a guy will have to sincerely go through the rigours of jumping over the fence to see me, or when he would sit under the tree near our house and keep vigil just to know when dad and mum will leave the house and he can just peep to see me. I miss the days I don’t have to be mindful of saying things I’m expected to say, days when I’d actually blurt out what I sincerely feel or think but not now that I have to ruminate on my thoughts first before sharing with him, just so in case I am not termed to be too feminine and and vulnerable.

Life happened!

I want to be young again! I want to be free spirited, amazing, naughty and most importantly happy! Alas, I can’t be, I’m all grown now, waiting for the prince charming to ignite the fire, the passion, the happiness, the love.


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