Freaky paragraphs to share – Sometimes, you want to add an extra spice to your relationship. And you don’t know how to go about it. There are many ways in which you can add lovely caramel toppings to your relationship. That will make your partner even love you more. They will be so absolutely stressed out by the idea if you leaving them. Freaky paragraphs and s*xy and hot messages can help with spicing up your relationship. A lot.

So, leverage these freaky paragraphs and send them to your lover.. They will love it. It’s assured!

Freaky paragraphs

These paragraphs will turn even you on. They will make your partner want you so badly.. They will hurry to meet you wherever you are to have you immediately. It’s assured. Read on!

1. I am at home right now, and you are not here. I can’t help but think about all the possible erotic things we could be doing if you were here. Can’t wait to have you back at home so you can screw me senseless till I scream on top of my voice. I want you so bad… I am aching.

2. My inside, down there is so wet right now… I could come just thinking about how hot and s*xy you are. I can’t wait to slide my hands across your thick and hard slab of a chest… I can’t wait to trail and plant kisses on them. I can’t wait to bite those tiny n*pples. I can’t wait to make you go crazy about how much you need to nail me.

3. Take me anyhow and anyway you can get me love. Take me… Please.. Just take me.. Take me from the back, pull my hair, nail me to the chair, till I scream and plead for release.. Screw me so bad.. Screw me now.. In there.

4. Won’t you come kiss me boy? Come over to my place and let me kiss you so hot.. I promise you I will kiss you hard enough you will come and come and come… Just through my hot and hungry kisses.. Just come over and have a mind blowing org*sm. Org*sm that will leave you numb.. That will make your legs turn to jelly.. Christ.. I have to touch myself right now.. I am too horny…

5. Baby, I can’t wait for you to get home so you can come suck me.. Suck me till I come in your mouth… Push me to the back of your throat and allow me to screw that kinky mouth.. I need that mouth so bad on me right now.. Get back here fast!

6. I am coming to pick you up now. Put off your pants before I come pick you. So that I will know that you are walking over to my car pantless.. I will be hot, hard and ready for you. So be dripping wet when you hop into the back seat. Let’s nail each other senseless in the car… We can park in a parking lot somewhere, and screw each other’s brain out.. Nobody will know.. And I guess it’s not an offence to not be able to wait till we get to the bedroom before I can have you.. That’s the effect you have on me.

7. I am so soaked and wet… Oh God.. Won’t you come thrust it into me deep? Go so deep so that I gasp. Slam into me so hard I start to see stars.. Finger me so deep I scream your name. Do whatever you want with me. It’s all yours this night.. I am expecting you.. Still soaked.. For you.. So bad.. It hurts.

8. I love you, you know.. I love the way you touch me so tenderly. The way you play with my below’s lips. The way you put your mouth on it. The way you eat it like you could die if you don’t.. The way you cum inside me so thick.. The way you spurt that cum inside my small tight inside.. The way you look me in the eye as you orga*m.. The way you come so hard because you can’t help it. I love it.. I love them all. I know we do crazy s*xual things. Let’s do more.. Can’t get enough of you nailing me to the couch..

9. Next time you come over, I want us to make love in the shower… I want to push you against the shower wall and blow you so hard.. I want to take all of you in my mouth and blow you so very hard. I want you to beg me to go easy on you.. And then I will suck harder and then you will come so thick, hot and creamy in my mouth.. You will groan my name.. And then I will gloriously swallow all that thick cum and suck out the very last drop out of you…

10. Baby girl, If you know how bad I want to cup your ass in my hands right now.. You will gasp.. That fleshy, glorious ass.. I want to slap them hard and cup them so soft.. And you’ll have a kinky day..

11. Shower nailing is on my to do list of things to do this weekend with you. I want to wash you from top to bottom.. Then I want to you to back the shower wall as I kneel to lick your below. You will be so hot and wet from that… Then you will spread your legs wider for me. And I will lick you so hard, you will come with just three hard licks. Then I will carry you up and nail you so hard and fiercely after that.. And then we’ll start all over again.. I can go the whole day licking you so much that you will come hard and scream my name every single time.. I want nothing more than to service your below…

12. I want to put my whole length between your tits. And I will screw those tits so bad that I will come on them. I will then roll your n*pples with my fingers till they grow long and hard… Then I will continue rolling them till you start to build an org*sm.. Then I will end it all with a hard lick on your below..

13. Baby, I want you inside.. Inside it.. Inside it right now.. So deep inside. Your whole thick, hard and long length, I want you to slam it inside my very soft and wet below.. I know you want to sink it into them.. I know… And it makes me go crazy that you are not here. That your length isn’t here to service my little hungry below.. That you aren’t here to lick me mercilessly.. To lick me so hard I start to scream.. Please come over now..

14. I want to screw you baby… I always want to make love with you.. I remember you in that tight little gown the other day, and I get hard instantly.. I remember how your br*asts were so full and plump in them, I couldn’t stop staring at them.. They were so full… I wanted to grope them.. I want to suck the n*pples and bite them. And then, you’ll moan and gasp, “Baby… Oh.. Baby.” And I’ll only go even crazier by those words by sucking them harder and harder.. And you’ll know how much I can’t control the desire for me to service you.

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