After reading Orifunke’s letter to all potential rapists, a reader has decided to send in his story on how he was a victim of false accusation of rape.  Read on:

I had a friend.

I met her through a colleague at work.

I was a factory production supervisor.

She was working as an intern casual staff in the store department of my company.

My colleague at work apparently knew her.

She comes visiting my session to meet the colleague.

In a nutshell, I knew her through that work colleague.

We became friends.

My colleague house is in Tanke, Ilorin.

But my rented apartment is in Asadam Road very close to our workplace, the factory.

In one of our talks this lady said she wants to know my house which I obliged.

On a Friday, I led her to my place.

So after work hours, she followed me to my house.

Note that we were friends oh, nothing more.

I think my colleague tried to ask her out but she refused.

So we got to my apartment.

Served her chilled chi vita from my fridge and entertained her.

We got to my house 5pm so she stayed for like 2 hours, that is 7pm.

She was watching a movie on Startimes.
Along the line, she left the seat and sat beside me on the bed (My room has a table and chair for reading, my bed is adjacent them)

I noticed she was feeling kinda funny and all that.

She moved closer, tried to hold my crotch and started acting funny.

I can’t really explain how it happened but I knew she seduced me.

I fell but I did not fall completely.
I was lucky for one thing; my condom pack had been exhausted.

So there was no way I could make love to a complete stranger without protection.i

The nonavailability of condom prevented me from goingh further, so I resisted her.

She kept on pushing and seducing me (she was really in the mood, dunno what caused it)

As much as I want to, I couldn’t for I’m condom compliant.

She said at a time she won’t mind flesh to flesh.

I became more scared, it was as if she had a motive.

To cut the story short, I overcame the temptation.

She left that Friday feeling embarrassed.

We could not even talk on the way when I escorted her to board a bike to her place.

She went home, she didn’t call me to tell me she got home but I called her that evening to ask how her trip went back home.

She was cold on the phone I noticed.

I didn’t even tell my colleague at work what transpired (I protected her integrity).

But two days later, my colleague came to challenge me that I tried to rape the lady when she came to my place.

He embarrassed me at work with people watching.

The lady had apparently told him I made move to rape her and I even succeeded at a point.

It caused a brawl at work that our sectional head had to call us for a meeting.

The lady was called, and behold to my very eyes she affirmed i raped her (at a point she called it an attempted rape, another time, she claimed I did it).

I denied the accusation outrightly but my colleague did not believe me. He claimed if she actually came to my house to seduce me, I would have told him at work that morning. That she saying it first means she is saying the truth (I just didn’t want to embarrass her, reason for not telling my colleague at first).

I was maligned, victimized and queried.

My integrity became questionable and people believed her over me.

It was a very harrowing experience but I have learnt my lessons.

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