A successful relationship requires quite a lot of effort. Effort is the choice you have to make for your relationship become a success.

Relationship on its own has a lot of distractions. A lot of ups and downs and if you are not careful, you get caught up in the middle. One of the way you trigger the bugs in your relationship is when you decide to put up with the opposite sex as your best friend.

I think your partner should be your best friend and others come after right?

I sincerely don’t think I would be comfortable with my boo having someone of the opposite sex as best friend, which means that friendship definitely supersedes our own friendship. They may have been friends for some time. maybe way long before I came into the picture. If this is the case, then his best friend had better prepare to become my own best friend too.

This is more than being jealous or sort but just imagine, he calls a babe as much as he calls me, shares secrets, jokes and giggles all the timewith the babe. Haba! This can raise lots of suspicions and insecurities.

I chatted two of my friends on Facebook. See reactions below”


It is a big no for me, why would he need to have a female best friend when I’m here as his girlfriend? I’m not just taking the position of a girlfriend but also his best friend. I really don’t mind a male close friend but a babe? No!

BJ: But what if they have been close way long before you came in, you can’t just ask him to leave his best friend of many years just because of his relationship


Please don’t say “just because” again, Hian! Am I not worth it? He knows what he was going to before he asked me out, relationship takes some deliberate and conscious decisions and if he can’t cut some excesses, then he better move.

On chatting a guy up, see what he has to say:


The truth is, it won’t be advisable to have a female best friend apart from your boo because if you are not careful, there could be conflict always.

 I sincerely believe you don’t have to trash away your ‘bestie’ because of your babe, but as a guy you have to find a way to manage them and let both of them be close too. That will be the only saving grace.

Exactly what I think, let your best friend be her/his best friend too. I wouldn’t advice that you leave all your close friends because your boo feels you should.

I just don’t believe you should make anyone feel overly important than your babe, but I think you need to pay close attention to your babe too. Why the rejection of your best friend? It could be something to take note, in order to know if it is your friend you would be trashing or just your boo.

Wisdom is profitable to direct, you have to know what is important and establish the need to be sincere to yourself. You know most times when we want to know if someone is actually overreacting, you imagine yourself in the his/her shoes, then see if the shoe becomes suddenly hot for you or not.

Above all, I believe if both of you are mature people, then this shouldn’t be a biggie for you guys. Whatever you do, make sure it is the best of your relationship.

I hope you have the best of it.


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