Sex is important in a relationship, sex makes a relationship fun and exciting. Sex creates a romantic bond between two people, sex is beautiful. It speaks even without any word being spoken, it is magical. I can go on and on regarding sex but…..

Sex shouldn’t be a prerequisite to a relationship. It has become so crazy lately that what most guys look for in a relationship is sex, whether the lady is sexually active or not. Sometimes I ask a lot of guys to justify the reasonability of their decisions when they clamor for outright sex and they claim that sex shows a sense of devotion and intimacy between parties involved in ‘Roman’Dating’.

I am particularly concerned in this world now where almost everyone thinks the main crux of a relationship is sex. Where what is expected of a lady is to have sex with her partner at will and same is even expected of men too. It is so bad and heart-wrenching. In the book “Little moments of Lovegasm” published by Catalina Mendes-Wurst, she presented adorable collection of comics detailing the simple, precious and silly everyday moments that make up a relationship. She discussed there that although sex is an important element of a relationship, it should not be all about that.

I personally believe there are and can be sex free relationships irrespective of the pressure evidenced all around us. It is wrong for a guy to think it is his right to be sexually served by his girlfriend or the girl believe she is so very active that she needs to have sex every other day

Gone are the days when most people stand on their principle of no sex till marriage but now, ‘who celibacy epp’ is the latest jingle on everyone’s lips. The most annoying thing is when one partner breaks up because the other party refuses to indulge in premarital sex or worse still check for sexual compatibility.

Sex is good, trust me, but it leads to a lot of complications when it is not done at the right time. Sex should be consensual, not enforced. You need to understand what your partner wants and be ready to give it a go when he/she is ready or when not.

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  1. Tosin

    Well said Deedee. Sex should be consensual. Celibacy should be the new cool. Sex is all over the media but when someone talks about celibacy, the person has suddenly committed a crime. It should be a free world.

  2. Amyshine

    Sex can never be love in the aspect of ‘Relationship'(courtship) if you really wants to be respected and cherished as a girl, keep yourself and never indulge yourself in any sexual relationship till marriage..

  3. Swizy

    How a tiny fragment of a gigantic situation became the crux of the matter still baffles me.

  4. Mr Amodu

    Relationship is not all about sex.

    This is for matured minds who
    dosen’t see sex primarily as a tool for
    catching fun and showing your love for someone.
    Do you know why most relationships and marriages fail today? Why people date multiple partners within a short period of time? It’s because people left what they ought to be doing and focused all their energy more on emotions, feelings and SEX. People today think that the only stage to a relationship is attraction and boom, next thing is sleeping together. Sex is being promoted so much that partners miss all the other stages of
    relationship that would have given them a solid and lasting experience.

    Intimacy ought not to be all about sex because you can’t sustain it. Once it wears out, both parties are left with nothing to hold onto that’s when a
    guy starts looking for a new adventure, and the lady gets drowned into emotional downward spiral.

    Relationships are meant to be gradual thing, think of when you were kids, how being around each other gets you excited, learning how to relate on just that level and then touching each other and then holding each others
    hands and interacting which finally culminates into physical intercourse when the time comes
    finally in marriage.

  5. Chukwuebuka ogbuchi

    Sex is good in a relationship but should be be the primary aim of the relationship just like it’s seen today in our world and relationship can exist with sex it depends on the parties involved.

    • Chukwuebuka ogbuchi

      Sex is good in a relationship but should not be be the primary aim of the relationship just like it’s seen today in our world and relationship can exist with sex it depends on the parties involved.

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