My name is Adetola, and I am known as Deedee by everyone. I have been through a lot growing up; from finding love, to challenges, to mistakes as a young person. I need to channel all that I have learned to people, so that they can see and learn from ME.

I created this blog on January 2016 when I was torn between various decisions, life path and following my dreams and passion. In the middle of all the confusion, I found myself; One who has a story to tell.

We all have life stories, don’t we?

Who am I?

I am a trained Accountant, but I recently left all that to follow my passion; writing and photography.
I am a drop dead romantic, I believe so much in the concept of love being life’s greatest gift to one another.
I am a relationship counselor, a photo-blogger with a unique taste for the extra-ordinary and immense love for people.

What I want to be?

I want to be a preacher, a curator, someone who leads a movement of motivated people who broke barriers to be who they are.
I want to inspire, to teach, to propel the populace to believe in LOVE and all that it offers
I want to document and tell unique visual stories of love, people and places
I want to be a NAME that will EVOKE LOVE, COMPASSION, and MOTIVATION

How will I achieve this?

I will continue to talk about LOVE, by writing – Content and Story telling
I will continue to show love by talking – Speaking and Relationship counseling
I will continue to document LOVE by telling visual stories – Photography
I will help to give a voice to the less privileged as much as I can – Documentary photography/slumblogging

I will be ME!

About Deedeesblog

What is the essence of life if we can’t live without LOVE, foster beautiful RELATIONSHIPS and create amazing MEMORIES?

This has been made possible on Deedesblog by curating engaging relationship and lifestyle contents to preach love.

The goal of Deedeesblog is to continually push out thought provoking and engaging contents in order to provide reasonable solutions to diverse love and relationship issues in the country and beyond.

You will also find memorials and love paragraphs here to preserve memories of events and places.

There are also visual stories of happenings in our everyday lives from events, lifestyle to documentary photography.  Be rest assured that you would come back after your first sneak in.


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