What is your fetish, Dee? I had to send you this email because I read up your blog post about a guy who listens to music while having sex with his girlfriend. While a lot of people might think this is weird. Well here comes mine:

I can never last long on my woman if I don’t bite her or lick the blood on her neck or by her shoulder! I know you will be shocked but this drives me crazy and makes me hard.

She has complained about this a lot but I guess she is liking it now since she is a love making freak and knows that she can’t get me hard and strong if I do not get to lick her blood.

Does this make me abnormal Dee? I have had numerous girlfriends but sex with her is different; mind-blowing and physical. I believe we all have our own definition of fetish.

What is your fetish, Deedee?

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