The Correct Hygiene Routine to Stay Fresh Down There All Day

The Correct Hygiene Routine to Stay Fresh Down There All Day

Besides using vee cleanse, there are not as many wild tricks we could tell you to keep on feeling fresh down there all day long!

The Correct Hygiene Routine to Stay Fresh Down There All Day

The routine for that is pretty simple, but not many people know the correct steps needed for perfect vaginal hygiene. No worry, we are here to clear that out!

With summer being just around the corner, heat is just one more reason to worry about!

Stress from work, heat, wearing synthetic underwear, all these can lead up to feeling uncomfortable through the day! How do we stay fresh down there all day long?

The vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism so there is one less thing for us to worry about!

It flushes out harmful bacteria by itself, and all we need to do when it comes to vaginal health is to stay hydrated, have a healthy diet, and work out regularly. However, vaginal health includes more than the vagina’s hygiene.

The vulva is the outer part of the vagina, and it needs special care, too! Although the process is rather simple, washing the vulva is an important step to correct vaginal hygiene.

Using warm water and unscented soap is all you need to feel fresh all day.

Do not forget to wash thoroughly within the folds of the inner and outer labia.

Wash gently the area around the clitoris, too. Warm water is enough for washing, but if you must, you can also use unscented soaps and hypoallergenic gels.

Scented gels and soaps can cause irritation and itching, and they can even throw off the pH balance of the vaginal environment.

While being on your period, we also recommend changing your tampon every couple of hours or switch to using a pad.

Oftentimes, social media keeps shaming natural bodily odor in articles like “How to stop vaginal odor”.

Well, you should already know by now that it is normal for a vagina to have a distinct smell. This odor depends on many internal and external factors, such as your menstrual cycle, sweat, or the clothes you wear.

The vagina is not supposed to smell like flowers, like roses, or like any other scents that the internet tells you about.

These scented products can even make you feel more uncomfortable during the day, as they can cause irritation and infections.

We advise you to stick to the basics: warm water and unscented soap are everything you will need for correct hygiene, everything else comes as a bonus! In that case, you might want to check out if yoni pearls actually work as well.

Of course, some factors can influence the odor, increasing it:

– Your menstrual cycle. Blood has a slightly different pH than the vaginal environment and it can temporarily increase the vaginal odor. Do not worry about this, it will return to normal once your period is over.

– Exercising. It is only normal not to feel so fresh after a workout full of sweat! Showering and then changing clothes usually does the deed!

– Some types of foods. Consuming high amounts of garlic or onion can sometimes result in an unusual vaginal odor. However, this only happens temporarily, and it will come back to normal by itself.

– Infections. Either we will be talking about yeast infections or bacterial infections, both could cause a change in odor and discharge. It is time to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a check-up.

If you had symptoms of infections, don’t neglect to go to a doctor. If left untreated, vaginal infections can result in lots of complications that put your overall health in danger and can even go as far as resulting in infertility.

Experts will recommend you taking some blood tests or sample tests and then they will decide which treatment would be the best one for you.

Of course, by following the correct vaginal hygiene routine you will avoid all these problems. Sometimes, that would mean choosing to use pads over tampons.

Sanitary pads can be slightly uncomfortable, but they tend to be more hygienic than tampons since they do not trap bodily fluids inside of you.

Also, we mentioned before that choosing the right clothing material is especially important when it comes to undergarments. Why so? The answer is rather simple!

We know that lace, shiny underwear with intricate models and embroidery can look sexy, but those synthetic materials also trap moisture and heat in your sensitive area, making you prone to developing infections.

Underwear made out of natural materials like cotton is the best choice, since it allows your skin to breathe, thus reducing moisture. You might also consider going commando from time to time, as experts found it extremely useful in reducing the risk of infections!

Although most of the time, these infections show symptoms right away, this is not the same for everyone.

Sometimes, a bacterial infection can go for months without showing any symptoms, and that’s why we recommend you have regular appointments with your doctor.

It is easy to discover the infection once you discuss it with your doctor, as bacterial infections can show up in your regular blood tests. This way you will avoid some serious complications!

Having all these in mind, we hope you now have figured out the cause of your discomfort and problems and put it right to an end!

We know that society has put a ban on bodily odor, but you should keep in mind that a certain level of smell is normal and completely acceptable.

Do not forget to stay hydrated and work out from time to time, and you should have no problems when it comes to vaginal health!

Also, boric acid suppositories can help maintain a healthy natural level of vaginal pH if you are one of the women that sometimes experience recurrent yeast infections or bacterial infections.

Multiple external factors can influence the way you feel throughout the day, but having a healthy diet, wearing comfortable underwear, and using the right feminine products can help you feel fresh and happy all day long!


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