How To Get More Creative In Styling Your Hair And Try New Styles

Don’t Be Stuck With Average Looking Hair Styles!

We all would love to have someone who would style our hair every day for us but sadly that is not possible. However, that doesn’t mean you just have to sport drab average-looking hairstyles all your life. Once you have learned a few hacks, you can easily take your hairstyling game to a higher level.

The trick here is not to learn complicated hairdos but rather how to use your hairstyling equipment to achieve any look easily. Customize your hair styling need by getting the right hairdryer, hair ties, hairbrushes, and pins to match your style.

With these alone, you can manage any type of hair be it straight, wavy, or curly. Read on for hairstyling tips that will help you get creative and encourage you to try out more new hairstyles.

Hair Brush

For everyday use, you can opt for paddle brushes whereas for blowdrying you will need to use a rounded brush which can help you easily grab every strand. Do not use a metal-framed one while using a hot air dryer as that can cause burns to your hair. To be on the safer side, always use a wooden one. Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your tresses as they prevent breakage.

Embrace Styles As Per Your Hair Type

After years of using heating hair style devices, you will notice your hair is brittle and soon will not respond to styling. Start to embrace your natural hair texture and enhance its appearance rather than force it to behave how you want it to. This means not using any chemicals on your hair.

For fine hair, you can experiment with chignons, buns, and natural curling methods. For thick hair, play with braids, ponytails, and high buns. This will allow you to use the general hair styling equipment rather than harsher ones.

Beat The Frizz

Frizz can spoil a beautiful hairdo within minutes. You can tame frizzy hair by getting a good haircut. Switch washing your hair with hot water to a more lukewarm or cooler temperature. Also, choose shampoos and conditioner which can treat your hair best to keep it smooth and manageable.

Haircare products with high alcohol content can cause your hair to be dry, so choose one which is more hydrating if you suffer from a dry scalp.

Tease It For Volume

Hair that has good volume definitely gets attention. If you have fine hair then you would be struggling with volume. The worst way to tease your hair for boosting its volume is to comb it backward starting it at the end and moving upwards. You will face a nightmare untangling that mess. To boost your hair so it lasts and doesn’t tangle, start by making sure your hair is dry.

Divide and clip your hair in separate sections and then use a fine-tooth comb and start by combing backward slowly starting from the middle. Once you have done one section, remove the comb and repeat the same with another section. Take your time and be considerate while doing it so you don’t damage your hair.

How To Get More Creative In Styling Your Hair And Try New Styles

Take your time when you styling your hair. Though it may seem a slow process, over time with practice you will be able to whip out savvy hairstyles within minutes.

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