How Fernando Raymond Runs Online Businesses and Does Yoga Daily while Traveling As A Digital Nomad

Traveling As A Digital Nomad

Digital entrepreneurship has its rewards, and most importantly, people tend to appreciate the sheer freedom, as it gives them an ability to earn a living, more so, enjoying life in a nomadic manner.

The lifestyle of digital nomads is very simple! They work remotely while traveling to different locations and often, they work in coffee shops or even co-working spaces relying on mobile devices with wireless internet connections like smartphones and laptops, coupled with mobile hotspots to get their job done.

For instance, top digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond runs his two UK companies while managing a virtual team and living as a Digital Nomad. He runs both ClickDo, a Digital Marketing Services Agency, and SeekaHost, a global web hosting company that boasts of creating the simplest and best blog hosting control panel.

Also, he is the author of the books: Get Online and multiple books that are published on Amazon as well as on Google books. You can search for his name “Fernando Raymond” and the books will show up with it is respective links to read.

He is currently building a revolutionary online educational platform with SeekaHost University to provide world-class e-learning on entrepreneurship, personal branding, digital marketing, and best practices to help both beginners and advanced students to build their digital enterprises and attain freedom as well.

How Fernando Raymond juggles between two world-class businesses as a Digital Nomad

The spread of the Internet reaching every part of our daily life makes getting started as a digital nomad easier, by turning that big “Idea into an Online Business” and deciding to change the way you work and make a living.

Traveling As A Digital Nomad

And by leveraging the Internet, Fernando Raymond was able to break free and start their own successful companies – albeit, it all started with a blog – and the blog literally changed his life, and today he controls multiple online businesses that gave him the freedom and ability to do exactly what he chose to do.

Fernando tends to travel around a lot while his virtual team continues their work to satisfy their clients. And that is more reason he is often considered as the world’s #1 digital nomad and online business strategist, for helping entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive with their online businesses in the digital economy.

And let us not forget, it is not all about work, as digital nomads also get to try out some yoga. Fernando is self-taught Yogi and practices Yoga every day according to his personal blog and Facebook page. You can see some of the advanced Yoga poses he does at home and wherever he travels.

Definitely, traveling to various new places pushes you out of your comfort zone and for you to adapt to the new environments, you’ll need to engage with different people and cultures. This means that you should be open to new experiences.

As a digital nomad, you get more time in your schedule to explore your surroundings and do those things you’re passionate about, and even spend more time with your loved ones.

How to Become a Digital Nomad?

If you are already fascinated with the digital nomad lifestyle, whether working for a company or yourself, becoming a digital nomad doesn’t mean pigeonholing yourself in any specific role.

First, your job just has to be fully digital; with remote work becoming commonplace, there are lots of different industries and roles for digital nomads.

Start by asking for a few days to work from home each week, and if permitted, then you can prove it even more productive while working remotely from home and using the advantage to get permission to work as a full-time remote worker. If this doesn’t work out, you would have to look for such a company that accepts working remotely.

However, the best bet to enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle is engaging in online entrepreneurship.

Fernando Raymond’s vision is to get 100 million people online by providing cheap web hosting and educational services through his company, SeekaHost – especially to third-world countries.

Traveling As A Digital Nomad

His companies have all workers with the freedom to work remotely from anywhere and span over 3 continents.

SeekaHost has made the task of setting up a WordPress blog easier with the introduction of a custom-made control panel, and if hitherto, running a WordPress blog had sounded complex, with the special SeekaHost.app portal and the custom-made blog hosting control panel, you’ll find it easiest to get your WordPress blog online.

Let’s conclude with these words from Fernando Raymond himself, “It’s my passion to help people to get online and build their virtual real estate. Now is the time to get online and build your presence for the future. Now is the best time to get online and build your own brand and have your own virtual space.”

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