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Safe flight

Safe flight messages: Flight is not as easy as we think; it is accompanied with lots of fear, hopes for a safe landing and many other illusions that might finally become reality, but with faith in God people still, summon the courage to take a flight to their destinations. We have some set of safe flight messages for you to send to your loved ones.

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1. Good to know that you will be coming to our home to pay us a visit; we wish you a safe flight as you intend to show how much we mean to you.

2. Thank you, sister, for always been there for us, we appreciate everything about you and pray for a better tomorrow.

3. We love you and have been waiting for this special day to come. Thank you for being there when we were weak to do anything.

4. As you leave your home with good intention, I pray that your flight comes with great comfort, save journey.

5. Sweet sister, I wish you a safe flight until you reach your destination. I love you so much, my dear sister.

6. Have a wonderful journey as you board the flight to reach out to those that are really important to you. I wish you a safe trip.

7. May your plane be free of a crash, may the weather be clear for your pilot to fly you well. Have a safe journey.

8. I have no other sister other than you, a special love with lots of success story to tell. We are expecting you soon.

9. Have a safe flight this year and every other year to come, you are such a wonderful sister worthy of been honored.

10. I love your smile they remind me of the old funny days we used to play together as kids. Have a wonderful flight.

11. It is not easy to have a sweet sister who understands you better than any other person. What a sweet sister.

12. You are my favorite, no wonder I used to cry upon not seeing you for a minute when we were tender.

13. I wish you a safe flight to your destination; any obstacle that hinders man from reaching his destination shall not befall you.

14. It is my pleasure that I am happy to wish you a safe trip this year, we shall meet next year to celebrate your success.

15. Whatever bad thing that is happening to you before now shall perish by God’s race. You shall scale through the horror of this flight.

16. No storm shall attack your plane and your sky shall be cleared of any astronomic condition that causes a flight crash.

17. I am happy that my sister is about to meet us soon. We can’t wait to celebrate you beyond your imagination.

18. Success shall follow you as you take off to meet your end means. Happy birthday and have a wonderful flight ahead.

19. Wishing my beautiful sister all the best on this trip, whatever it is that you need to enjoy your trip shall be provided for you.

20. I am scared that you are about to take a flight, may you not find obstacles on your way to your destination.

Safe flight my brother messages

21. You are my closest companion since the day I was born, so I don’t only see you like a brother but as my best friend. Safe trip.

22. It is highly dangerous to fly in the air, but when there is faith in God, everything will be fine, safe flight my sweet brother.

23. I remember those days you used to carry me around on your back, and this keeps me smiling anytime I remember you. Safe journey.

24. I ask God to fulfill your mission for this trip, you are one of the most interesting counselors in this world ever.

25. I love my life because it is part of my life to have wonderful people in it. You have always been the best.

26. Thank you for being a good elder brother, I will always respect you until the end of time, I wish you an awesome flight.

27. May your flight take off as you desired and land as you wanted; may you smile at the end of your trip.

28. Thank you for everything you have done in my life, I will always thank God for making us brothers. Safe flight.

29. You are always welcome in my home, may your trip never in any way cause pain to you. Wishing you a superb journey ahead.

30. I am happy that you are the smartest of all your colleagues; this is the reason why I see you as a real role model.

31. Thank you for considering me important, I am so much pleased with you since the day you decided to pay me a visit. Safe flight dear brother.

32. You are my friend, my lovely brother and the most caring companion I have ever met in life; I pray of a safe trip for you.

33. Your heart shall be blessed with abundant love and you will never regret being in this world even for once. Have a fantastic flight.

34. I love everything about you and want to be happy with you all my life. I want to see you for long. Happy to know that you are paying me a visit.

35. I can’t stop thinking about you especially now that you are about to travel by flight; anyway, my prayer is to hear that you landed well.

36. I wish you a precious journey of success, I pray that your entire mission on this flight shall be fulfilled for you.

37. May your happiness never stop, may your peace continue to grow in your heart until you are finally known as a great peacemaker. Have a safe departure.

38. May your gateway be clean and clear of evil attackers; may your joy never cease until the end of time. Have a safe air journey.

39. I have heard of teleporting before; how I wish it is possible so that you will be heard in a matter of some seconds.

40. I just want to say have the safest journey of the year; may your condition during the whole journey be a great experience.

Safe flight for sweet mother

41. Dear mother, I love you and need you to have one of the most beautiful trips ever in this world. Safe flight mommy.

42. We have been expecting you to be here, we can’t wait to see your beautiful face again. I have really missed you, my love.

43. To see the face of the woman that gave birth to you is a special feeling that really touches the heart. We are awaiting our sweet mother.

44. Flight is of human and safety is of God, may the Lord give you a safe journey until will reconcile again.

45. I wish to see the face of my mom anytime soon, I am not happy for I need a motherly love to keep me strong today. Safe flight.

46. Before us is a journey of life and death, may we travel alive for long. Mom, I say this prayer on your behalf.

47. I cannot wait to see your beautiful face once again, that smiling face that gave birth to me the other day.

48. I love you so much my dear mother, I am happy that you are coming to pay me a wonderful visit that will make my days throughout the year.

49. Good to know that you are on your way to the conference. I wish you a safe journey. Have a safe flight.

50. The first time I boarded a flight, it was exciting and nice; I pray that your success in this journey will be as wide as the sea.

51. Thank God for everything you have done in my life, you believed in me when others are busy disregarding my ability. Safe flight.

52. Until you are back, I will really miss you, your delicious meals, your smile, your laughter and every other unique thing about you.

53. You are the most amazing mother in this world for me, the best I can always be proud of. I love you so much.

54. I want to see your bright face once more so that you can bless me with your tongue. I love you my dear mother, safe flight.

55. As your plane takes off, I pray that angels of safety accompany you until your destination is reached.

56. I am so lucky to have this kind of beloved mother, she is the best for me and I will always be proud of you. Have a guarded flight.

57. You shall be received in your destination and your mission for the flight will be fulfilled for you by His grace.

58. May you smile at last after the journey. The purpose of your trip shall be achievable for you. I wish you a safe flight.

59. Nice women are not common and I am sure that you are the final legacy of a good woman in the entire world. Safe flight mommy.

60. We await your arrival soon. Since the day you promised to meet us, we have been over joy in our home. We love you ma.

Safe flight for my father

61. I have never seen a father as wonderful as you are before, you are meant to be the world’s best father. Have a safe journey.

62. Let me thank God for the life of my father, he is on another trip today, may his soul be protected against any kind of crash.

63. May your plane land safely so that you may reunite with your family, we are happy for the lovely visit you paid us.

64. You have always been the best father in the world, you taught us how to behave and be loved by the majority. Safe journey sir.

65. We are still waiting for the best dad ever on the surface of the earth to arrive and say hello to his children. We love you, sir.

66. Our hope is to see you for long so that you could enjoy the fruit of your labor. I wish you all the best.

67. Wishing you a flight guided and guarded by the angel of mercy, may you find endless peace in your heart.

68. Thank God for this precious moment of your life, may you find it easy to enjoy the benefit of your trip.

69. Your presence in this world is a great gift for us, we shall always be happy with you because you are a great role model for us. Safe journey sir.

70. Dad, all my wishes for you on this journey is to see you fly like an eagle and land gently like a dove.

71. Whenever I see my dad happy, I am overwhelmed with joy in my heart. This is the love between a father and his son. Happy to receive you soon.

72. Thank you for giving me the privilege to enjoy this wonderful moment of the season with you. You are more than what people think about you as a father.

73. Once you hold on to God, He will protect you from any area of life; dad, I am wishing you a crash-free trip.

74. This year is wonderful a premium year with lots of success around the corner; may your journey mark the beginning of your prosperous life. Safe trip sir.

75. You are the smartest father in the world and every single day, I feel like you are the reason why I am strong, I want to see you leading a long life in peace and harmony.

76. May your precious love for humanity never be cut off by this journey, the Lord Almighty shall protect every single move of your jet.

77. As the Lord protected you during the jet crash of last year, may He continue to protect you from any danger you encounter on your way.

78. You are the president of our country and you are my beloved father, I wish you a safe journey for the well being of the nation.

79. If there is any other father better than you are, it means this world is nearer to its end, you are so superb, wonderful and nice. Have a safe journey.

80. You are my best friend and the most amazing father this universe has for me. I love you. Thank you for being a good father. Have a safe journey ahead.

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