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Freaky Paragraphs to Say to your Boyfriend

freaky paragraphs to say to your boyfriend

Why can’t get on some freaky paragraphs? In here we have freaky and dirty paragraphs you need and also freaky paragraphs to say to your boyfriend to send him running after you.

Have you ever imagine sending a couple of sultry texts to your man and he comes running after you, with intense fire and passion? In here, I am going to show you a freaky paragraph you need as motivation to get on with it and send your man that freaky paragraph to take your love life to the next level.

Freaky paragraphs to say to your boyfriend

1 Darling, I am laying naked on the bed right now and my thoughts are just about you. When will you back home?

2 Oh darling! the thoughts of you has got me going crazy. I can’t wait to have you home by my side.

3 I love how your lips taste whenever I kiss you. I love your warm breath on my neck whenever you hug me. I just love everything about you darling.

4 Just tell me how desperate you are about me right now, and I may just open the cookey jar for you. You don;t believe me? Just try!

5 What are your hang out plans tonight. Will you share with me?

6 Can you tell me what your actions will be in the room locked up with only me?

7 I’d need you to please come over and undress me tonight. Will you be able to?

8 I don’t have any idea why this happens. Anytime you kiss my neck my body trembles and my neck go weak.

9 Tonight I want to feel the smell, scent and taste of you when you lay in bed with me.

10 I want to get into could seven with you. I want to bump into sweet and amazing orgasm whenever you are just around me doing all those sweet crazy things with me. I want you tonight and no other day. Please come now!

What are your freaky paragraphs? Start writing now!

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