Happy Birthday Shout Out to Wale Jayeoba

happy birthday wale jayeoba

Happy Birthday Wale Jayeoba.

You are a great and amazing friend. You understand what hustle means, and for this I wish you a very happy birthday.
You are a great motivator, a man with a never say die attitude, and for this I wish you a happy birthday.
You know when to support and criticize and you never mince words to say this to your friends, happy birthday Wale
Being your friend is one of the best things to happen to me. I respect, value and appreciate your opinion every single day, happy birthday Wale.

happy birthday wale jayeoba

Olubukola Togun had this to say about YOU:

Eyaf taleeee gaaaannn ni oooo, we've been coming for over 20years now and we are still togeda. 
A frnd like no other, a frnd like a brother, 
We argues a lot, fight a lot nd still settle, 
No winner no me, no winner no him. 
No one gives space for each oda to be the boss.
He got a lot irritated whenever I act like a man to him,
He will sit me down and say #Bukola# I am d man here,, ure just a weaker vessel, 
listen to me and stop acting up.
Hmmmmmmm OLAWALE my sweet frnd, what more can I say.
I wish u a happy happy birthday, long life and prosperity, riches nd wealth. U will live to celebrate 120years in gudhealth nd with strong bone.
I heart u big my very stubborn friend
#fun to be with#
Enjoy ya day to the fullest.

Akinbobola Akinwemoye had this to say about YOU on Facebook:

Happy birthday Wale Jayeoba

I rarely write long posts, but this man is such a wonderful, passionate, caring and intelligent politician. He was one of the “behind the scene” guys that made our wedding ceremony a success. What a wonderful planner and success tips giver!?

Olawale, you’re one of the people that made 2017 a great one for me and my wife. It was always fun hosting you in our house. While you’re an awful dancer, you’re someone that can put smiles on people’s faces. Anytime I mention your name, my wife always smiles. The way you danced on our wedding day is just something else.

My wife and I are happy that you’re one year older today. We appreciate God for protecting such a great humanitarian and a favorite of both ugly and pretty ladies. We pray you find the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh before your next birthday, because you are due.

This really shows you are a great personality with exemplary disposition to life. Happy birthday to you Wale!

Here are my prayers on your birthday

That God keep and protect you, guide and support you as you walk your path in this life journey
That God provides you with the bone of your bone, the flesh of your flesh and an amazing woman to complete an amazing person.
That you live long to reap the fruits of your daily hustle and that you will continue to strive and drive in the land God has given you.

You are an inspiration, a great buddy in the hustle and someone who is passionate and understands what goal setting is! Happy Birthday Clement. God be with you today and forever!


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