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HeartBreak Rising | Samuel Otareri

Heartbreak rising

Heartbreak rising.

Sometimes I have to call your name
to remember mine
I have to touch the walls to feel my skin
Sometimes I have to hide my thoughts
to think of yours
and hope the rain falls to wash off my stink

Sometimes you are here but far away
and I have to hold your hands or I might float off
Sometimes there is a lot to share, a lot to say
But there is emptiness and nothing to speak of
Sometimes I want you to want me so much
So much that I don’t want you at all

Sometimes this house feels like home without you
And this home feels like a prison inside you
Then we begin to fall apart trying to hide from everything
This everything that makes us whole and at ease
Sometimes it is you and me and no one else
Then it is everyone that makes us, or we are less

Sometimes I am just tired of us not being together
Not loving enough, not knowing how to start
Sometimes i have to remember you are not my sister
Then I look at you that way and it tears you apart

Sometimes I want to tell you how it feels, how I feel
But the feelings themselves don’t have me, don’t know me
Then I shut my mouth and open my heart
And your pain and hurt rushes in from your past

Sometimes you want someone who wants only you
Then I keep my gates closed from letting anyone through
but the walls inside makes you want the garden outside
and the hug is too tight for a mere, mere butterfly…

Heartbreak rising

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