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How Do You Know A Woman That Loves You?

How do you know a woman that loves you

Creative Writer and Facebook Celebrity Damilola Jonathan took to his Facebook page to share insight on the topic – How do you know a woman that loves you? In this beautiful post, he shared all that is needed to know about true love.

Read the beautiful piece below:

Not when she wants to make love to you, with herself because she thinks you are horny for her.

Not when she wants you to visit the mall, the cinema, the restaurant, to enjoy your life because of her.

Not when she says “baby, I want to spend the night in your bed,” but never questions how you got to pay for a bed in the first place.

Beds are not free merchandise and the world doesn’t care for vagrants.

Would she have kissed your lips if they had been sucking engine oil, eating leftovers, dry and patchy, broken by harmattan?

Would she have hugged you so tight if you smelt like under the bridge, weather-beaten, wear and tear?

Your life is a maintenance, a process, an intricate build-up of expenses and she better understand what it takes to avoid living the life of a waif.

If this is no concern to her, then you must understand you got yourself a selfish leech and not a lover.

You must understand how to treat bloodsuckers, heartlessly, without emotions, using them just as you will be used. The selfish desires must be sated both ways because in the morning, when you wake up, you’ll both be naked and you’d realize it was nothing than business, strictly business.

So how do you know a woman that loves you?

She nurses your process. Cares about the intricate details that hold together the fabric of who you are and who you’ll become. She’ll never let you fall apart.

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