How to Get Same-Day Prescription Glasses Online: 6 Tips to Consider

We are at that point in history when getting your eyewear on the internet is fast becoming the norm. Technology has made it easier to browse and order prescription glasses without stepping into the optometrist’s office.

Before now, ordering glasses online could be something you do as a last resort. Getting a new prescription in a few clicks is easier now than ever. All you need to get your glasses is a current prescription, and you’re ready for your new glasses.

If you break or lose your glasses, and you need them ASAP for your presentation immediately, ordering same-day prescription glasses seems like a logical idea.

How to Get Same-Day Prescription Glasses Online

Let’s get into the tips to consider if you will be ordering same-day glasses online;


1. Check The Return and Refund Policy

Although same-day prescription glasses online seem flawless, you must still do due diligence before clicking the order button. One such thing will be to look through the return policy of the online glass retailer.

You need to think ahead and imagine if something goes wrong with your order. However, this rarely happens if you order your prescription glasses from https://www.overnightglasses.com/next-day-glasses/. Regardless, the right thing would be to understand the return and refund policy so that you will not be at a loss if anything is amiss.

Ensure that if something is wrong with your glasses, you can exchange them or get a refund without any trouble.

2. Know How to Select The Right Frame

You must know your frame size to get it right with your same-day prescription glasses online. We advise you to choose a frame that complements your face shape. You are assured of clearer vision if you get it right with your eyeglass frame.

Look for a frame that can create a balanced look and contrast the shape of your face. It is vital that you can match the shape and size of your frame to your face.

You will need a smaller frame if you have a less pronounced facial structure. But if you have a large facial shape, then look for a big frame.

Overall, it is essential that you can choose the best frame for you.

3. Research the Online Retailer

All thanks to review websites, you can be well aware of the reputation of your chosen online retailer before ordering. This will prevent you from falling prey of irreputable retailers.

Take your time to check what others are saying about them and their same-day prescription glasses service. These reviews are there to guide you from making mistakes.

Once you see that there’s a dent in their reputation, that’s a clue for you to avoid such online retailers.

4. Avoid Add-Ons If You Don’t Need It

You know what you need, if the add-ons are not what you need, then you need to avoid them entirely. All of these add-ons such as anti-reflective coating, polycarbonate lens, or anti-scratch coating will shoot up the cost of the glasses.

Once you figure out what you need and the price, you can then compare with other online same-day prescription glass retailers. It’s not every store that includes add-ons, this is why you need to ask the right questions about what you are paying and the value derivable.

5. Have Your Prescription Ready

It’s not just about having an updated prescription but also double-checking that you are entering the right info at the point of purchase. It will be your brunt to bear if you supply the online retailer with the wrong prescription data.

Don’t just double-check; triple the checks to ensure you submit the right info. This is where most people get it wrong when ordering same-day glasses online; you don’t have to fall into that shoe.

There’s always a guide on most online retailers’ websites that will guide you on the appropriate information to submit.

6. Know Your Coating Options

This is more like bells and whistles, but they are also important that you are sure of the coating options you want for your lenses. Don’t let the online retailer force anyone on you. Choose the one you prefer and stick with it.

You may go for anti-scratch or anti-reflective coating; just ensure it’s what you want. There are other coatings that you may or may not need. Choosing too many coating options will drive up the price of your same-day prescription glasses.

Final Thoughts

Immediately you try on your same-day prescription glasses, and something does not seem right, contact them immediately. Assuredly, they will also want to ensure that what you have is the perfect pair.

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