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Naijaloaded is the site on the name of every Nigerian who are on the look out for good music and sourcing for one stop viral contents. Do you even know Naijaloaded or you belong to the category of Nigerians who are just getting to know that unique name. Naijaloaded is traded for the number 1 hotspot for Nigerian Music, videos, trending entertainment news.

The most visited online platform that drops Nigerian music like it’s hot, and ensures that Nigerians are served daily doses of information on the go. Naijaloaded is that website that you need to get acquainted with if you want to be informed about trending stories and gists on the Nigerian cyber space.

You should know that Naijaloaded never started out as a top music and entertainment blog in Nigeria, it started out as a FORUM and grew beyond leaps and bounds to become a sought after blog with more than One Billion annual visits. The question is what is so unique about Naijaloaded that makes it that one place everyone wants to go to.

Naijaloaded is one of the most visited online platforms. It delivers hot and new Nigerian music videos, entertainment gusts and news contents on a daily basis to Nigerians and the world at large. Since time immemorial, Naijaloaded has grown big enough to cater for the thirst and hunger for information on the internet. The website was created in 2009 and ever since, the website has grown steadily into one of the most  visited websites in Nigeria with more than 120  million page views per month.

Their mission according to their website’s About page is to become the best online website that delivers beautiful online Nigerian content to the world. Naijaloaded covers almost everything cover able. They don’t have a niche. They cover almost all facets of life ranging from music to videos to Nigerian entertainment news to information to even Nigerian education news. Nigerians I must say, find their platform very useful and incredibly insightful. That is why they have grown so popular and successful with a large amount of organic traffic. In 2010, the website won the award of “Best Nigerian Online Platform” just one year after launching! And in 2013, the website won “The best music and video download website” due to the immense impact they keep creating in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The website is being currently ranked amongst the best websites in top 20 most visited. The website hopes to keep delivering fresh contents to all of its audience home and abroad.

What is infact so special with this brand that gives it an edge over every other musical platforms in Nigeria. Why is the brand on the lips of Nigerians and even foreigners. What differentiates this brand from other music and entertainment brands out there.

Have they been able to climb on the sporadic growth over the years to step close to their mission of being the most amazing online portal that delvers fresh does of Nigerian content to Nigerians living in Naija or living outside the country?

All of these questions will be answered under the 10 things you need to know about this special brand.

Are you ready now? Let’s dive in!

What do you need to know about Naijaloaded?

1. Naijaloaded blog was launched in October 1, 2009

In an interview published on LindaChrisBlog, Azeez Makinde said that he actually created the website in 2009. It was on Independence day and a public holiday.  He said he was fresh out of secondary school at the time. Being a good good internet user, he decided to undergo some training then in web designing.

Azeez he did a qualitative check on the Nigerian blogosphere, and that one of the things he noticed was that most Nigerian bloggers had no knowledge about web design.

He further said what they did was to outsource their designs and programming jobs to outsiders and then the outsiders will then do the little they could do based in their own understanding. He said that since he had the knowledge and knew what was lacking in the blogosphere, he then built a website to address those challenges. He said that was how Naijaloaded started.

2. The website was established by Azeez Makinde also known as Mankind

His short biography is;

Makinde Azeez was born December 10, 1989. Also known as Mankind, is a Nigerian internet business owner and blogger, who was born in Southwestern Nigeria. Azeez Makinde was born into a family of two and finished with his Secondary School education in 2007. He is the founder of Naijaloaded.com, a popular internet website launched in 2009, Naijaloaded was once a forum until 2012 when Azeez Makinde changed Naijaloaded.com from a forum to a blog. Naijaloaded.com is known for its music, news and gossip posts.

In 2012, Makinde Azeez was ranked among the top ten Nigerian bloggers by Rank.ng, although Makinde was ranked the number 10 in the list.

According to Alexa ranking in December 2016, Naijaloaded is ranked the  21 of the most visited sites in Nigeria, in which Linda Ikeji’s blog was ranked the 26th, making Naijaloaded.com for the first time to surpass Linda Ikeji’s blog in Alexa ranking.

Makinde Azeez got married to his girlfriend, Mujidat Omokehinde on the 14th of May 2017 last year. And not too long ago, they added a new born baby to the new family. As of the 11th of July 2017, he announced the news of a new born baby into the family. So he’s a father and a husband.

3. Azeez Makinde started Naijaloaded with practically NOTHING

Have you seen a post on how he grew the blog from $1,000 to $50,000? Click here to read this amazing story!

There was no finance power at the time, so he did free hosting of his website. But the blog now brings him thousands of dollars per month! Thousands of dollars out of nothing! But he sure put in a lot of work into the site. But now, he spends a lot on the site so as to get more income. The more the investment, the larger the income.

4. Do you want to know Azeez Makinde’s net worth?

According to a report done by Moss9ja, Azeez Makinde is worth $800,000 that is equal to N264,000,000 with an exchange rate of 1 USD = 330 NGN.

Now that is large! He deserves it, I say. He is very rich now then.

In case you don’t know, Net worth is the value of the non-financial and financial assets owned by an institutional unit or sector minus the value of outstanding liabilities.  Net worth can apply to companies, individuals, governments or economic sectors such as the sector of financial corporations or to entire countries according to www.wikipedia.org. But Azeez Makinde is an individual and his net worth is what is stated above.

5. The site according to Azeez Makinde in an interview with Ovwe Medeme has about 110 million page views monthly

Once a visitor visits a website, they will search around a few pages. On average, a visitor will look at about 2.5 pages. Each individual page a visitor views is tracked as a page view. So, Naijaloaded has more than 110 million of those page views a month. Amazing eh?

They’s some huge traffic though. For real..

6. The website also has a TV called Naijaloaded TV

In the interview with Ovwe Medeme, the interviewer asked him the concept behind the Naijaloaded TV. He said that everyday they put up a post on Naijaloaded asking people’s opinion about happenings in the entertainment industry. And then, there is usually a whole lot of comments that generate lots of buzz. So, he said they noticed that the way people comment on blogs is very different from the way they would speak in real life.

So he said what NLTV, that is Naijaloaded TV is out to do is to go into the streets and hear what people have in mind to say and interact with them accordingly. He said they believe that in less than one month, if they could start the videos, they will go viral. He said they have a lot of topics already lined up. What they are trying to do with NLTV is basically street interviews, exclusive engagements. They also have a programme called Rap Attack where they will bring students from different schools to do something like a rap battle and then put them up for Nigerians to watch. Interesting right? They really have a lot up their sleeves!

7. Naijaloaded.com is located at No 2, Oba Elegushi Road, Ikate, Lagos state.

8. It was ranked the 18th blog in Nigeria by Alexa as at 2017.

Alexa.com is an online website ranking system. So, they are saying Naijaloaded is the 18th blog in Nigeria as at 2017. Which is amazing because there are millions of blogs in Nigeria. So out of millions, this website is in the top twenty list.

9. The website has been nominated by the City People Music Award for Music website of the year.

City People Entertainment Awards is an annual award presented by City People Magazine to celebrate Nigerian and Ghanaian entertainers. The first edition was held back in Abeokuta, Ogun State on June 14, 2009. The event was hosted by the time by Governor Gbenga Daniel in the State House. Another ceremony was held on June 22, 2014. The entertainment award awarded Naijaloaded the music website of the year.

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