New to Vaping? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Get Started

Most people who want to start vaping instead of smoking are trying to break the long-standing habit: the first cigarette with coffee in the morning, on the way to work, a drink with friends, etc.

Switching to vaping can be daunting. Thinking of your first e-cigarette, the e-liquid you choose, and your head is full of advice.

While vaping helps smokers quit smoking, others enjoy vaping as a hobby. There seems to be a lot to learn when you first start it.

If you are a beginner or just need a quick review, here are some tips and hints to help you.


How to pick your first e-cigarette?

Let’s be very clear, vaping and smoking aren’t the same. It is simple to light up your cigarette, but with vaping it takes time.

E-cigarettes require some light upkeep, consisting of charging the battery, changing some parts, and topping with e-liquid when you are running low.

For this reason, it is important to select the right device for your needs. For example, pre-filled pod e-cigarettes are very easy to use and require little maintenance.

If you want to try the simplest method, you can opt for a disposable vape that has a pre-filled and charged battery with an e-liquid. Your only job is to inhale.

As already mentioned, no e-cigarette is perfect for everyone because people are looking for different things.

Some people like to exhale a cloud of vapor, others are interested in tasting a pleasant flavor, while others want to smoke as much as possible.

Do change flavors once in a while

Choosing an e-liquid flavor is one of the most enjoyable parts of vaping, as there are so many choices.

The taste of e-liquid is subjective, so it can be difficult to recommend the ideal taste, and what one person adores the other person cannot stand.

You should pick a distributor of premium eLiquids so you can enjoy your experience of vaping to the greatest degree possible.

Most new vapors start with a tobacco or menthol flavor because they are familiar, but once you get used to vaping, you can try out the hundreds of flavors available.

The first good rule to follow is to slow it down. Give your body time to get used to the e-liquid of your choice.

Never buy 30 bottles of one strength and one taste until you are sure you can smoke it all day and decide on the best strength for you.

Keep it clean

Needless to say, this is the most essential rule for better vaping. Your tank accumulates residues that can affect the quality and taste of your e-liquid.

Generally, when changing e-juice, you want to clean the tank. You should empty it and soak it in warm water for thorough cleaning.

Regular cleaning is performed about once a week to keep it in top condition, the battery and other components perform at their best, and maximize the overall vaping experience with each use.

There are some steps when cleaning it, and you mustn’t skip any. You will need a clean cloth or paper towel, also warm water, cotton swabs, and rubbing alcohol available too.

Conclusion: Make sure all parts are clean and free of dirt and e-juice residues. Pay particular attention to the battery and connection points, as even the slightest dirt can block the flow of electricity and adversely impact vaping.

Proper oral hygiene is a must

When you vape, you will have problems if your mouth is not clean. Instead of only brushing your teeth, mouthwash is another thing you should use.

Moreover, you should brush your tongue properly; this is especially true if you are using sweetened juice flavors.

What is good news here? Vaping causes fewer oral risks than smoking. Cigarettes contain many toxic ingredients, so vaping is a better choice for anyone looking for an alternative to smoking.

Don’t forget to drink water

Frequent vaping may cause your mouth to dry. With hydration, you are less likely to experience “the vaper’s tongue”.

Propylene glycol is one of the main components of electronic liquids, so inhaling vapors can cause dehydration.

It easily absorbs water molecules, which can deprive your body of the water it needs. This is why you need to drink more water than usual.

You should not wait to get thirsty, because vapor dehydration is common among beginners. Over time, you will remember to maintain hydration while vaping.

Vaping may seem a little complicated at first, but as a beginner, the bottom line is that you need to make sure you are using the correct vaping device, take care of your it, and finally, be considerate of other people.

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