7 Tips to Organise an Eco-Friendly Date for Your Lover

Tips to Organise an Eco-Friendly Date for Your Lover

It’s another date weekend, and you’re looking for fun things to do with your partner. Unfortunately, not many classic dates could be considered eco-friendly. Romantic getaways and blowout dinners might be good for making romantic moments together, but they aren’t so good for the planet.

If you care for the Earth as much as you care for your partner, then you should consider one of these seven eco-friendly date ideas. All of these date ideas are totally eco-friendly and a fun way to spend time together as a couple.

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1. Try Volunteering Together

Volunteering together is the ultimate eco-friendly date. Spend the day together hiking nature trails and cleaning as you go, picking up litter in the park, or removing invasive species around your area.

The gorgeous scenery and fresh air come together to create an exciting and surprisingly romantic date. Look for organizations in the area that need some extra help or handle things alone. Either way, you’ll have a great day together.

2. Enjoy a Bike Ride

There’s little more romantic than taking a bike ride with a partner. Grab a bike and hit the park or cycle around the city. You’ll have an incredible time together. Why not take things up a notch by looking up local eateries on the route and enjoying a snack together?

Going on a bike ride gives you a whole new view of the city. Set up a time to pick up your date, tour the town together, and see whatever sights catch your attention on the way. Maybe you’ll even run into a new eco-friendly clothing store you didn’t know existed.

3. Take a Hike

Hiking is a great way to spend time together as a couple. Hiking is adventurous and fun but in a very approachable way. Hiking together is an even better idea for those who have only seen what their partner is like in the evening.

It gives you a chance to see what they are like during the day. Maybe invite them back to your place after the hike for a bit of brunch as a low-stress way to tackle that first visit? Don’t forget to pick a more leisurely walk if you aren’t comfortable getting all sweaty in front of your partner!

Take things to another level by combining a hike with an outdoor picnic. Take some cheese, fruit, and organic wine to enjoy as you relax on a blanket. Don’t forget the eco-friendly dinnerware! Need to drive to the hike location? Eco-friendly cars get you there and back without increasing your carbon footprint too much.

4. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Stop worrying so much about preparing the perfect meal for your date. Instead, let them get in on the joy of cooking together. Head to the farmer’s market together and take in all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the food there.

Take the food home with you when you’re done, and prepare a healthy, locally-sourced meal together. Try using some seasonal foods to really take things to another level. A visit to the farmer’s market leads to the ultimate eco-friendly lunch.

5. Eat At a Green Restaurant

While a steakhouse might not be the most eco-friendly solution for a date, there are still many restaurants that practice eco-friendly procedures. Put on some eco-friendly makeup and get ready for a great time.

Many restaurants offer meat-free menus, ethically source all their food, and dispose of food waste responsibly. Some places even have eco-friendly dinnerware. Check the internet for the ultimate eco-friendly dinner spot near you.

Even if you can’t find a suitable restaurant nearby, you should still see an organic winery. Enjoy some wine tasting together and learn more about organic farming and wine-making.

6. Visit the Museum

If you can’t get the weather to cooperate with your idea for an intimate outdoor date, then why not spend some time indoors wandering the halls of a local museum?

Look at the latest exhibits together, or invite them to one of your all-time favorite exhibits to your partner to show them a new side of you. No matter how you slice it, spending time together at a museum is a fantastic way to enjoy walking side-by-side and having lots of conversations.

7. Garden Together

If you have room for a flower garden or vegetable patch, invite your date to fill it with plenty of plants. Caring for little saplings is more than just a fun activity to do together.

It gives you a chance to see each other from a different angle. Of course, the two of you can enjoy the literal fruits of your labor if you stay together long enough for the harvest to happen. Home-grown fruits and vegetables make for great eco-friendly gifts.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of eco-friendly dating ideas you and your partner can enjoy guilt-free. If all else fails, just stay in your eco-friendly homes and have a little date night in. Please share your ideas on eco-friendly dating and activities: we’d like to know.

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