Do Penile Traction Devices Really Work To Increase Penis Length And Girth? Find Out Here

To begin with, a man’s penile size is supposed to be a secret, so it is not uncommon for most men not to bother much about how much meat they have under there. However, nothing can affect a man’s self-esteem more than the thought of having a tiny pecker.

It’s even worse if the utterances come from another person, especially the lady in your life. Research around the topic might be contradictory, but most women tend to be satisfied by bigger and longer tools from their male partners.

For these and more obvious reasons, many men go to extra lengths to find solutions for the size problem. Common solutions range from penis enhancement pills to penile extender devices and stretching exercises that work to boost the erect length.

Among these, extension devices have become quite common, especially those that use traction. But what works, and what doesn’t?

In this piece, we shall look at penile traction devices and whether they are effective in increasing length and girth. Let’s get down to business, shall we!

What Are Penile Traction Devices?

Also known as penis extenders, penile traction devices are simple devices used to lengthen one’s manhood organ.

As revealed in a recent review of the best penis extenders on Houston Press, some people like to call them penis stretchers. Some are more effective than others, but all have some basic similarities in how they are designed to work.

Basically, these devices are worn to create a gentle traction tension on the primary male organ. This traction force is believed to stimulate cell growth and reproduction that results in an overall increase in length and girth over time.

You can wear them all day or for some time each day. Depending on the manufacturer you choose, there is a range of benefits you could see after regular use. It could be as simple as increasing the amount of blood flow to the pecker or enlarging the actual organ.

How Do They Work?

As earlier hinted, the device is worn and fastened onto the male organ for several hours each day. The traction force generated on the organ is what stimulates growth.

In some cases, penile traction devices are used as a non-surgical penile enlargement treatment. Most of these devices are made from medical-grade materials and come with instructions for safe use.

The idea is that you wear them more often for as much time as possible to achieve the desired results. Some men see results almost immediately, but you will probably see improvements after at least a few days or weeks of regular use.

According to claims from most manufacturers and user testimonials, some common benefits that could be realized from using traction devices regularly include the following:

  • Increased length and girth
  • Correcting penile curvature
  • Treatment of Peyronie’s disease
  • Improved male confidence and performance under the sheets

A Word About Their Safety

To this point, it is safe to say that penile traction devices could help promote good sexual health. However, are these devices really safe or could you get hurt while using them?

What are the various dangers associated with their use? All these are questions that linger in the minds of potential beneficiaries before using these devices, and for a good reason.

Well, in all honesty, penile traction devices are safer than many other solutions used to correct sexual problems like erectile dysfunction in men. Since the approach is non-surgical, these devices can help improve sexual performance and size with no risks of infection or penile deformation.

Moreover, you will not need to take any supplements or penis enhancement pills when using these traction devices, further minimizing the expected side effects.

As mentioned earlier, they are also created using medical-grade materials that won’t cause any physical harm, discomfort, or injury to your organ.

Nonetheless, this does not rule out the importance of ensuring the proper use of these devices. Depending on the manufacturer, most of them will come with a detailed user manual that guides you on how to use the device.

The apparatus is designed to deliver just the right amount of tension to safely cause stretching in your penile tissues. It is also worth noting that the first use could be accompanied by mild discomforts or mild pain.

With this in mind, the few precautions below could help ensure safe use and desirable results.

Safety precautions when using a traction device

  • Consult your doctor first before using the device
  • Purchase from a reputable manufacturer
  • Always adhere to the device instruction manual
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Be optimistic and discreet about it

Are Penis Traction Devices Really Effective?

Traction devices are a common solution for men seeking to increase penis strength naturally without pills or intrusive procedures. Many sources indicate that traction devices can help men gain penis length by as much as 1.5 inches.

The user may also experience harder and longer-lasting erections. Apart from the increased stamina, these devices are also known to help boost sex drive or libido due to improved self-confidence.

Simply put, penis traction extenders may help increase the length of the manhood by stretching the penile tissues. A recent piece on Medical News Today indicated that, with consistency and dedication, users could actually get noticeable results from traction penile extenders.

Most users in research studies registered positive gains after using the devices after a few weeks to three months of using the device for four to six hours each day.

In a nutshell, penile traction devices have been around for quite a while. Some men actually swear by them when it comes to length and girth. While more extensive research may be required around the topic, they seem to be beneficial in solving the manhood size puzzle.

Nonetheless, the results may vary from one person to another… considering the numerous factors surrounding male reproductive health. If you have considered using a penis extender, it is always recommended to speak to your doctor first.

You might as well consider keeping your sexual partner or better half in the loop, just to ensure you are on the same page.

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