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5 Amazing Prayers for a Good Husband

prayers for a good husband

Trying to find the right prayers for a good husband? These are the prayers for a good husband that you just NEED! CHECK THESE PRAYERS FOR A GOOD HUSBAND OUT NOW!

You may be the most beautiful lady in your vicinity or locality, and you keep asking yourself why you are not hooked to the right man. Truth is beauty is never enough to land the best man for your life. You need more than just beauty, attitude and qualities. You may think that you have the power and will to make the choice and the decision, but trust me, in a world riled with a lot of discord, confusion and with increased disrespect for marital and ethical societal values, you need God!

You may even be the lady everyone wants ‘TO BE WITH”. Being with you does not justify wanting to be married to you. I am sure you know a lot of guys may want to be with you for a lot of reasons different from marriage. Do you want to be with them for other reasons different from marriage as well? That is your choice anyway and this post is not meant for you. If your plan is to end up with the man of your dreams, then this post is all just you need to know that it is beyond just wanting and needing. It dwells on mouthing piece of prayers to God!

Join me, and let’s mouth these prayers together!

Prayers for a good husband

1 Dear Jesus, the lord and our saviour. The best friend that I have. I am here before you today to beg for your presence in my life. I am on the verge of getting married dear Jesus, and my future is just right before. Give me the grace to see beyond what I an seeing right now. Give me the power to make decisions with respect to who will be the choice of partner in life.

Send the bone of my bone to me dear Jesus. Give me the wisdom to decide who is mine out of all of these people coming up my way. I need your judgement oh Lord, because I am sure I can’t do this on my own. I pray for a true character that reflects your glory and the way you have always wanted from us in your word. I pray that the one I will choose will exhibit all the qualities of patience, love, forbearance, sincerity and loyalty. I pray that we unite oh lord in thoughts and convictions. We commit our friendship before the holy matrimony into your hands, take charge and take control dear God. The grace to live according to your words, grant unto me and unto us.

Heavenly father, I put this decision into your hands, please guide me. I have no power of my own and there are certain decisions that are beyond me. Direct my paths to the best man in the world for me, dear father. A man who will accept me for who I am and see all the qualities that you have kept in me. A man who will love me forever, and I will love as well. A man that I can live in peace and harmony with. Amen.

2 Dear God, my heart longs for togetherness and companionship and it is looking like, it won’t come anytime soon. Oh Lord, as this is going right now, I pray that I won’t find myself with someone that is not good for me. Father give me the grace to know who is right from who is not. I crave for that connection both from the physical and spiritual level. Help me lord. I want the kind of man that will not get tired of me in the morning and in the night. Father, please hear this prayer and bless me with the right man. The kind of man that will live the godly and spiritual life with me. Lead me to the right person. I pray for strength to deal with pressure from family and friends. I pray for grace to deal with the wrong persons finding their ways into my life. lead and guide me lord.

3 Dear father, I appreciate my singleness, because being single is one of the most special and exciting period of one’s life. But now it is time to get that life partner that will fulfill his life plans with me.While I am on the look out and waiting oh God, give me the grace and strength to take it one day at a time. I pray that you will give me the ability to see that man whose life reflects your ways. I pray that I will be able to see who is deceiving me from who is truly sincere in words and actions. I know you have done it all. I will praise and glorify you today and always. Thank you for everything. I give glory and honour to your name. To you be the glory!

4 Dear Jesus, I am indeed lonely right now. I just have this feeling that I am left behind and everyone seem to be married. I so much long to have the man you have destined for me. Lord you stated in Genesis that it not a good thing for man to be alone, and that was why you gave Adam the helper he needs. I crave for the love of a partner. I crave for closeness, I crave for the kind of partner that we will dance, laugh and pray together. I pray for that kind of partner that will trust in you for everything. I crave for the emotional, physical and spiritual companionship. I pray for that special man that will love me just for who I am. The special kind of man that will value and appreciate. The one that you have indeed made for me. I pray for the unique and special man because I know that for every woman, there is a man out there to fulfil my lifelong destiny of being married and having beautiful children. Dear Lord, lead my qualities to that man who will fall in love with me completely. I know you have done it for, and I thank you for this and many more.

5 I am ready for marriage now dear Lord. I am ready for the man that you have destined for me. I pray oh Lord that you will bring our paths together soon. I dream and hope for that special man right now, and I am sure it is just beyond me to pick the man for myself. If you do not build that house of marital bliss, the builder only builds in vain. Build my home for me oh Lord, I want to have the fun and happiness of holding hands, falling in love, being emotionally connected to him. I want us to revel in the fun and happiness of having the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. I pray for that special someone who will be good for me and understands my qualities. Thanks for answering my prayers already. May your name be praised and glorified.

Do you have more amazing prayers for a good husband to add to the numbers I have above, then feel free to drop these prayers for a good husband in the comment section below. With God, everything is possible.




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