The 4 Safest Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

The 4 Safest Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

Like plenty of roads all leading to Rome, there are similarly a lot of ways to shed some of your excess flab fast. But the majority of the diet plans that let you lose weight quickly leave you feeling hungry or at least dissatisfied with how filled up you are. These are also the two primary reasons behind the short time a person can stick to a diet.

But thankfully, there are exceptions to this otherwise general rule. One such option is to adopt a diet that is consciously low on carbohydrates. They are particularly useful if you are looking to lose weight, and you can also stick to them with greater ease. You can follow such a safe diet plan by observing the following four methods:

Restrict Carb Intake

The essence of the diet should be to keep carbohydrates or carb intake to a bare minimum. Such minimum carb consumption reduces hunger levels, and ultimately you eat food with a significantly lower calorie count. Accordingly, the body starts to burn fat instead of carbs to get the energy you need.

Another great benefit that accompanies lower carb intakes is the reduced amounts of blood insulin. Low insulin levels make the kidneys let go of the extra water and sodium levels it has accumulated. This, in turn, lowers unnecessary water weight and bloating of the person.

If you adopt this diet, several dieticians claim that you can lose as much as 10 pounds of excess weight in the very first week of adopting the new diet. This loss of weight results from losing both body fat as well as excess body water. Additionally, research indicates that diets with low carbs can help you cut down on your appetite, which allows you to eat less. Another common option women choose to curb their needs for carbs is diet pills. While it is indeed convenient, you should exercise care while choosing one. However, with diet plans, remember low carb diets are a quick and easy way to lose weight.

Consume Fat, Protein, and Veggies

Ensure that each meal you have has a source of fat, protein, and veggies with a low carb content. You will do well to have meals twice or thrice in a day with adequate amounts of such food. The essential part of your meals should include:


As part of such a diet, you need to take a healthy dose of protein daily. Research indicates that a protein-rich diet helps increase calorie burn by 80-100 calories daily. Further, diets rich in proteins can help you cut down on cravings and feeling obsessed with food by as much as sixty percent.

Vegetables With Low Carb Content

Another thing you need to ensure to get rid of weight is to have meals with plenty of veggies. Veggies are usually full of nutrients, and you can stuff yourself with them while adding only 20-50 carbs daily as part of your diet.

Healthy Fats

If you are on a low carb diet, it might be difficult to rein in the fats. It would be a better idea to continue eating fats. You need to keep in mind that there are healthy fats, like those found in fish.

Lift Weights Thrice Weekly

Lifting weights is one way to add to the number of calories your body burns. It keeps the metabolic activities going on, which results in weight loss. Usually, as a result of losing weight, the body’s metabolism slows down. Scientific studies demonstrate that weightlifting helps to add muscles to your body while getting rid of fat. Accordingly, a visit to the gym thrice or four times a week might be in order. Cardio-workouts will help you too.

Go High On Carb Once A Week

If you feel incredibly left out in terms of lack of carb food, it would be a good idea to devote one day to carb-rich diets. However, make sure that the carb-rich meals of your choice consist of healthy sources only. Make it a point to limit this high-carb intake to once a week only. You are likely to add some water weight during the designated carb high day but don’t worry, as it will go away within a span of a few days.

The lower insulin levels resulting from reduced carb intake cut down on hunger and appetite, helping you stick to a particular diet plan. Such diets let you have plenty of food and still get rid of weight. Some studies indicate that low carb diets result in twice or thrice weight loss as low-fat diets with calorie restrictions. Stay healthy and happy!

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