How To Stay Fit And Perform Better After The Lockdowns

The covid-19 pandemic has been regarded as the deadliest viral outbreak of the century. Although the world has witnessed other forms of a pandemic like the Spanish flu, HIV/AIDs, and recently the Ebola outbreak, none of these outbreaks have had far-reaching effects on humans’ social relations and interaction like the Covid-19 Virus.

The world was first notified of the virus in the last quarter of 2019. By 2020, it has spread to every continent, forcing countries to shut all entry and exit points in their respective countries.

As part of efforts to control the widespread of the virus outbreak internally, different measures and policies were advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international health bodies.

How To Stay Fit And Perform Better After The Lockdowns

Part of the measure put in place was the introduction of social distancing, and in worse cases, a total lockdown was implemented to restrict human movement to the confinement of their homes.

Those permitted to move about with their duties were only those on essential tasks, including those working on essential duties, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and military personnel.

But with signs that the situation is improving due to success recorded in scientific understanding of the virus and vaccines that are all advancing to the human trial phase, everyone can hope to get back to their everyday lives.

While some people used the lockdown period to rejig the physical fitness by engaging in various exercises, some concentrated more on investing in their mental health by spending more time reading extensively even beyond their core field.

So, as everyone prepares to kickstart physical interaction, one thing is sure, things will not be the same as before the lockdown in terms of fitness level and production output.

To stay fit and improve your performance post lockdown, you must strictly adhere to the following guidelines to not lose the physical and mental gains recorded during the lockdown.

Below are the must-do activities you must engage in:

1. Remodify your strategy

Strategy is key to any goal. To achieve your fitness objective and at the same time improve your performance post lockdown, you need to re-strategize as you reintegrate yourself back to society.

Remodifying fitness strategies by adding new exercises to your routine or adding a natural testosterone booster to your pre-workout diet can make all the difference in the world if you’re trying to increase your performance levels after lockdown.

Suppose you have been exercising and taking more time to engage in other activities during the lockdown period. In that case, you will have to remodify your strategies to reflect the new realities.

Unlike during the lockdown, time was excess, and everyone was indoors due to restriction, but such may not be available when the lockdown comes to an end. At this point, other things will require your attention as well.

You will have to resume work, spend time outdoors, schooling will continue, visitation and events amongst other activities.

To maintain your proficiency, you need to go back to the drawing board to workout plans to help you keep up and support your performance.

2. Understand your body reaction

The situation during the lockdown is not the same as during post-lockdown. During the lockdown, your body would have to get used to a set of routines that you engage in daily.

However, as the lockdown eases, those routines will have to be readjusted to make room for other activities.

Therefore, to avoid a situation where you will break down, it is advisable you pay adequate attention to your body’s reaction to new activities you have not been doing in the last few months.

If you have not been keeping to your fitness requirement during the lockdown and you plan to start as soon as the lockdown phase out, you should take it easy on your body.

Don’t rush yourself to get back to the level you were before the lockdown. For instance, if you have not been jogging for some time, don’t rush back to the tracks.

Instead, start by walking and engaging in light exercise to give your body time to readjust to the new reality.

3. Take charge of areas within your influence

No one can say precisely the dimension post lockdown will take due to frequent changes in governmental policies and social adaptation to the new normal.

However, to maintain your fitness level, you should understand your daily routine and find out areas that fall within your influence.

For you to keep up with your fitness and improve your performance level, consistency is significant.

So, suppose your routine will be too busy during the day due to other demands. You will have to review the allotted time for exercising and other developmental activities to the period that you can influence.

Spending a few minutes working on yourself each day is better than not doing anything at all.

4. Practice self-care

How To Stay Fit And Perform Better After The Lockdowns

Evidence suggests that you can build a relationship with proper self-care and reduce the overall stress level on your body. In addition, through self-care, you will balance your fitness level and maintain your mental health, which is significant to improving your performance level.

5. Eat and Sleep Well

As the lockdown eases across countries, many restaurant outlets will spring back to life. Although this a sign of good development, it’s not an avenue to start eating all kinds of food or deviating from your stipulated dieting arrangement.

What you consume affects your physical fitness and mental health. So, to be on the safer side, you should be conscious of eating food to improve your overall health.

Post lockdown provides an opportunity to re-socialize and attend events. First, however, ensure your outings don’t affect your sleeping pattern.

Having sound sleep aids your fitness level and also impacts your overall proficiency.

6. Maintain hygienic standard

To ensure you remain safe and fit, you must improve on your hygienic standard. During the lockdown, you were within the confine of your home, which means less physical interaction with the outsiders.

But as the lockdown begins to phase out, you will interact more with others when you take public transports, visit shopping malls, and share public toilets. All these and more are reasons you can’t afford to lower your hygiene standards.

Also, ensure you stick to all guidelines stipulated by health authorities by wearing a face mask, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing irrespective of where you find yourself.

Many people could put the lockdown to good use and pay more attention to their fitness regimen. However, this doesn’t have to end post-lockdown. Be sure to stay fit both physically and mentally after the lockdowns by keeping to these tips.


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