The Train Movie Theme Song By Joshua Mike-Bamiloye [Listen+Download]

The Train Movie Theme Song

You will find the download of the inspiring theme song of the Train Movie by Mount Zion Film Productions. Or would you rather listen to it here?

The Train movie is a masterpiece by Mount Zion Films that has taken Nigerian by storm. A story that touches on the life of the popular drama televangelist and the Founder of Mount Zion Drama Ministry, Mike Bamiloye is as exhilarating as it gets.

I had to bing watch TWICE!

Just coming on the heels of their highly spiritual and 21st-century movie, Abejoye, the Train is another inspiring Christian movie that everyone; Christians, Muslims alike should go and see.

A movie that has since taken social media by storm; hitting one million views just after two weeks of release has indeed become a hit and a must-watch for every Nigerian home.

The train movie the train theme song



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Interestingly, the Movie which was written and produced by the first son of Mike Bamiloye had the amazing theme song “The Train Movie Theme Song” written by Mike Bamiloye’s second son, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye.

An amazing family of creatives using their talents in the fulfilment of the work of the kingdom of God.

The Train Movie Theme Song is one you should listen to every day.

Check out the train movie by Mount Zion theme song download here:

Here is the train theme song lyrics

Verse 1

There’s a passion in my heart
And a burden in my spirit
It is for my generation
Are We Living According To His Plan?
There’s A Plan And Purpose For Every Man
There’s A Calling For Greater Harvest
God Is Calling Will You Answer
Will You Walk On This Journey Of Faith?

We’re On The Train Going To Heaven
We’re On The Journey Of Faith
And When Our Life Here Is Over
We Will Answer To God
This Is A Train Of Glory
This Is A Journey Of Joy
‘Cause When Our Work Here Is Over
We Will Hear Well Done

Verse 2
There’s A Picture In My Heart
An Expectation In My Spirit
On And One And Final Day
I Will See On Your Face Many Smiles
It Will Be A Day Of Joy
But For Some A Day Of Sadness
If You Live For That Day
On That You Will Hear Well Done

We’re On The Train Going To Heaven
We’re On The Journey Of Faith
And When Our Life Here Is Over
We Will Answer To God
This Is A Train Of Glory
This Is A Journey Of Faith
‘Cause When Our Work Here Is Over
We Will Hear Well Done


We’re on the train going to heaven
We’re on the journey of faith
And when our life here is over
We will answer to God
This is a train of glory
This is a journey of faith
‘cause when our work here is over
we will hear well done

Download The Train Movie Theme Song By Joshua Mike-Bamiloye


You should also check out the making of the Train Theme Song HERE


Just in case you have not seen the Train Movie by Mount Zion Films. Watch it below


A few lessons for you to learn from the Train Movie by Mount Zion Films

1. Align with your purpose. You may not understand it when you are young, but as you age, move closer to God and let him direct you to your path of purpose.

2. There is no better literature in the world than the word of God. Always remember to go back to it when you are lost. It’ll open your eyes.

3. Whenever you hear the voice of God, listen and obey.

4. In this life, people will want to act as obstacles to you finding your purpose. Be resolute, find support from those that believe in your dream, and you will be successful.

5. Your choice of partner in marriage can make or mar you. It is important that you find someone who believes in your dreams, passion, and will align with your purpose. That person will provide the necessary support you need and help you carry some of your burdens.

6. God will always provide the support you need in the form of your wife and other people, to help you on your journey of purpose.

Finally, this life is a journey, like you are on a train. On this journey, you will be expected to get onto various tasks as assigned by God. A lot of times, because of distractions on the train, we lose focus. Sometimes, you can be distracted by bants from fellow passengers. We might even be carried away by the vast lands breezing away from our eyes as our train journeys along.

You need to get back to YOUR SEAT and find out what God expects from you on your journey on the train.

At the end of the journey, God is going to request for an account of your journey.

What will you tell him?

Let me know your thoughts.

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