Tips to Find Quality Transcription Service for Your Work

Transcription series are successfully applied in many spheres already. They proved to be effective options to gather, process, and storing different information.

Tips to Find Quality Transcription Service for Your Work

That is extremely helpful for doing work and business. What is more convenient is that it is possible to order transcription services online and enjoy all their benefits at a moderate rate. What else is good at this point?

Modern services work with advanced AI transcription software that increases the quality of content transcribed dramatically.

Of course, it is easy to become lost among the variety of options available in the market and refuse this option. But, in many cases, it is extremely helpful.

In this article, you will find out not about a variety of cases for the application of transcription services.

You will also find out more about how this service works, how to search for the right transcription service provider, and will also get good suggestions of reliable services for future references.

Interested? Let’s continue if yes.

Most Widespread Cases Where Transcription Services Are Applied

If you have faced the necessity to make transcriptions and have doubts about whether this approach can be suitable for you, the following list of examples may help you with doubts.

It should be noted that the scope of applying transcription services is limited to the imagination only. Everything in audio or video form can be converted into transcriptions.

Here is a brief list of cases where transcription services are applied successfully already by many companies and separate professionals:

Focus groups discussions

These groups nearly always present useful information on the matter. And this information is always diversified.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to process the info right. Making content transcribed can significantly ease the processing of all materials from focus groups and making references to such results later.

Business meetings

Have you ever faced a situation when it is impossible or too complicated to make notes and be an active listener at the same time?

Have you faced the situation when some important details were lost during the business meetings or, what is even worse when another party intends to mislead the course of the meeting?

These troubles are easy to avoid and tackle successfully if you have recordings of all business meetings and their content transcribed.

These texts are very helpful at navigating the course of meetings well and detecting useful info. Nothing will be missed and you will be able to focus more on your counterparts.

How do you think, will the approach of an active listener help you make your negotiation position stronger? This is surely a rhetorical question.


It is possible to transcribe any type of business-related interview. Most frequently this option is used to process employment-related interviews with applicants.

Making such interviews is an essential element of the selection process for many companies.

It becomes much easier to compare the profiles and information provided by candidates to choose the most suitable one for a certain job opening.

Highlighting core strengths and features becomes much easier and faster thanks to content transcribed.

Customer calls

This is an important point of customer service and quality assurance. Call centers always get dozens of calls daily or even more.

Processing all these calls may take lots of time. And the decision sometimes has to be made fast.

Transcription services may appear to be at hand and helpful with getting the essence of customer feedback during the shortest time possible.

HR meetings

Human resources management is an area of crucial importance where lots of points may be missed during the discussion.

Preventing these adverse consequences is possible thanks to fixing all important aspects of HR strategy and tactics, thanks to making the content of HR meetings transcribed and available for quick references.

It will become much easier to track the progress and detect possible omissions in an HR policy.

External communications

Any type of external communication about a brand is useful for enhancing it and making the presence of a company stronger in the market.

It is a useful thing to gather external communication materials and detect points that may be valuable for a brand.

And, of course, transcriptions will help to store these materials effectively later. This opportunity is a good one to enhance public relations.

Marketing materials

Of course, it is easy to process different marketing materials to find out more about certain aspects. But, the range of application transcription services is much wider in marketing.

Apart from applying to making research and branding, they are used to add subtitles to YouTube videos, for instance.

This results in an increase in watch time. Making transcriptions also helps to boost the SEO strategy applied by a company thanks to adding keywords that make content more noticeable by search engines.

Stakeholder communications

These are frequently materials with insights and other important information that other companies in the market should know to make the right decision.

This point may be relevant even in big companies where lots of players are involved.

Transcription services may facilitate a lot with getting accurate information from a board meeting, investor and conference calls, etc.


At this point, several application approaches at least can be provided as examples.

A company may take external podcast materials where experts in the field share their observations and suggestions.

These are useful sources of materials to develop future performance strategies. Another example is to make the content of one’s podcasts transcribed.

This always leads to an increase in the number of reviews and makes a blog more popular. This signifies a customer-oriented approach applied by a company.

That is always appreciated by busy people or those who simply prefer reading to listening.

Closer: How It Works?

As was mentioned before, transcription services may be applied nearly anywhere to transfer audio to text or video to text.

To eliminate another portion of doubts, it may be useful to find out how these services are arranged and can help in the course of solving your current issues.

First, you should send your files with recordings to a chosen service provider. There is an important point at the start – make yourself aware of the applicable privacy policy and terms of service.

These materials will help you to check the reliability of a service provider. You will be able to know more about how your information may be handled and what things you can do on your own and can ask this service to do for you.

NDA agreements are always required for the professionals of such services.

In general, a customer is a single person who chooses all settings for transcription services required, including the price.

These options remain unchanged up to providing the ready transcriptions. It is important to provide quality recordings for processing.

In this way, you may expect to get the transcripts of the best possible quality. Still, advanced AI enables you to handle effectively such problems as background noises too.

But, the quality of the recording is a point that always matters. Keep in mind this always.

Before uploading the recordings, it is necessary to make sure the service supports those formats. Transcription companies usually work with the most popular formats.

But, if you have any specific format of recordings, it is better to ensure the service can support such formats before making any further actions.

Transcription is always made using advanced AI and software. Even if human transcription services were requested, applying advanced technologies is still an essential element of working with these recordings to ensure a higher level of accuracy (up to 99-100%).

There is also another point that appears in certain complicated cases. Sometimes it may be necessary to do QA (Quality Assurance).

It is aimed at ensuring the highest level of accuracy and grammatical integrity. A document is proofread and double-checked before providing it to a customer.

After all things have been done, the ready file is sent to customers in digital form. Most often, customers get their transcribed content archived. That is it!

The process of making transcriptions is always straightforward and requires minimal customer involvement.

This process is generally the same provided that in some complicated cases, like medical or legal recordings, special emphasis is made on using proper terminology.

Quick Tips on How to Search and Choose Transcription Services

If you are interested in finding the best video and audio transcription services, there are good tips to apply during your searches:

  • Accuracy level – this is a point of primary importance. It is widespread that transcription companies may ensure an 80-90% accuracy level for automated transcripts and 99-100% for human-generated transcripts.
  • Speed of operation – applying any advanced speech recognition technology decreases the time of procession dramatically. It is generally possible to provide transcriptions made by professional human transcribers within 24 hours. For automated transcription services, this time may be reduced to a couple of minutes in certain cases. Generally, the time of operation depends on the lengths and complexity of recordings. But, it takes a moderate amount of time for professional companies to cope effectively with all recordings provided.
  • Costs – applying advanced technologies provide benefits again – in terms of prices too. It becomes possible to render quality transcription services made by humans at 1.25$ per minute and automated services – at 0.25$ per 1 minute of recording.

These are the three most important aspects you have to consider while choosing your potential service provider.

If you are limited in time for doing that, below is the list of good services you may save for future references.

Examples for Good References

If you are limited in time for searching for service providers that comply with all listed criteria, here is a list of good providers to help you with that.

They get lots of positive comments from customers. And these services are worth considering in the first turn:


This is one of the best transcription services that offer both automated and human-made transcription services. The team has professional transcriptionists and advanced AI.

Its main specializations are marketing and educational materials. The service is also very helpful for journalists and bloggers.

The prices for the services rendered here are pretty much moderate. They are 0.25$ per 1 minute for automated services and 1.25$ – for human-made services.

The rates are charged per 1 minute of recording.

Why is this company good? It has a strong quality assurance team and TOP software to deal with transcriptions provided.

It also especially emphasizes the security and confidentiality of interaction with customers. The pricing scheme is clear here and all chosen prices always remain unchanged.

Transcripts are always provided in time. So, in all the most important aspects, this service performs more than well and gets lots of positive reviews from its users.


This is a professional transcription company that covers different types of texts and complexity. It specializes in making English and Spanish transcripts.

But, other languages are also available. The service works with professional software and delivers high-quality transcripts.

Its pricing scheme is much diversified taking into account the clarity of recordings and turnaround time – general rates start from $1.25 to $4.50.

The company cares about confidentiality and ensures good customer service. It gets lots of positive reviews from former customers. The quality of services is very decent here and it works even with very poor recordings.


This is a professional automated transcription service. It is good because it uses advanced AI to process recordings. And it also provides a free trial option.

This free option enables making 1 transcript in less than 45 minutes while all features of this service will be also provided to a customer in full.

The procession time this service guarantee is very short – a couple of minutes only.

The rate for its services is also very decent – 0.25$ per 1 minute of recording.

This is a reliable company for quick references provided that the quality of the recording is very good.

Bottom Line

Ordering transcription services is an option that can help dramatically with processing different business and work-related materials.

It is possible not to process such materials only but also looks at the info from the other perspective to add new points to customer care, HR, and business development strategies.

Both automated and human-made transcriptions are very helpful in business. Accuracy level, turnaround time, and prices are the most important points to consider while choosing your option.

Make your business life easier and more effective thanks to quality transcription services.

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