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Troubled Relationship Letters To A Loved One

troubled relationship letters to a loved one

Troubled relationship letters to a loved one. Sometimes, we need to keep record of our troubled relationships, while some people keep diaries of situations, some people write troubled relationship letters to a loved ones. The loved one might be the person you are encountering the relationship with, family or even close friends that you want to get a certain perspective to what you are going through.

I got a number of  troubled relationship letters from a friend some months back. She actually wrote these troubled relationship letters to her man of 3 years, about their troubled relationship, and also wrote me one to understand her plight and what she was going through. While I will share the letters here for you to read, I would also share some others letters that I feel you may use as a template to write to a loved whenever you are having a troubled relationship.

In one way, you may be trying to use one of the troubled relationship letters to a loved one to save your relationship, in another way you may just want to document what exactly is happening to you at that time, which is not a bad thing to do.

Troubled relationship letters to a loved one

Troubled relationship letter for him 1

I really do not know the way to place into words specifically to you, however I remember to what extent your love means to me. You have stayed with me through all the difficult times, and now I see how much you have gone through with me. Babe, I want you to know that these are trying times and no one is ever perfect. I just want you to know that just as you have stood by me, I will stand by you too. In the good, fair and terrible times, I will always stand by you. I need you to know that, now and forever.

We need to work through this situation together, I will support you just the way you supported me. The kind of love we share is special and I need you to realize that. All we need to do is come together and weather this storm together. You have put up with so much with me and it would not make any sense if anyone leaves at this time. What happened between us is a perfect example of the fact that we can stay together even when things become difficult. I don’t know what is going through your mind right now, but know that you have my love and support. I live and breathe for you my dear, and I am always here for you whenever you need me.

Troubled relationship letter for him 2

I will always acknowledge the fact that we have both encountered some ups and downs. Just like all relationships partners, we have had rough patches, remember that we had exciting moments too. Our lovely moments I will always keep in a safe place in my heart. Let us come together and remember the joyful moments which are way higher than these rough moments, and we revel in it day and night. I am sure this will give us the emotional and psychological strength to get through this phase.

We have shared so many great things and had great times together. You have displayed your love to me in the most amazing way, and YES, I know what your capabilities are. I am aware you can love with the whole of your heart and life, and this excites me enough to look beyond these trying moments. You have become a living dream of mine, and the love I have for you is just beyond what I can say. You are special to me in all ramifications, you need to know that TODAY, that I will never give up on you. I will never allow anything cause further issues between us. I love you so much.

Troubled relationship letter for him 3

The past months have really been rough, from you losing your job to your immediate family issues. I know darling, I know how difficult it has been for you, but see? I am still here. Although this had led to a lot of disagreement and fights between the two of us. You should know that my heart still beats for you. You alone are the only one that can make my heart beat in the fastest way ever. Your thoughts are ingrained in my memory, they never leave. I think of you in the morning noon and night. This is to show how important you are to me, I’d give up everything to be with you. Things have been pretty hard lately, but hey, remember all the good times, aye, and let us bring them back again. We can leverage all the happy memories and use that as the focal point to bring the happy times back into our relationship.

Troubled relationship letter for him 4

You have changed my life in a way no one has. Being with you through these years have shown that yes, truly, there is real and true love. True love is not found in the happy times really, but true love is really in the difficult times and working around it to make partners in love have the best that life can avail them. You complete me darling, you make me warm and whole. When the word ‘ I adore you’ escaped from your mouth, I am filled with so much joy and happiness that someone as special as you are can fall in love with me. You have not just fallen in love with me but also showed me what love as an action could be. I love the way you kiss and hold me close, and I love it when you purr into my ears, and allow me revel in the glory of your loving. I know that my future is with you and this trying time will pass. Always know that I am here whenever you need me. I am going nowhere darling, I am stuck with you and your love.







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