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If you want to wallow in an emotional rollover of love and all the mushy feeling that comes with loving, then you need to watch this ‘I MISS YOU’ video by the Beyond Project – Youtube Vlogger.

This short video is about a guy who fell in and out of love, a guy that loved his girlfriend with everything yet still broke up with her and now misses love.

It is usually strange for all of us in love when we have breakups, we usually get that feeling that someone we knew so well is now like a total stranger. I have been through break ups and I know what it means. While it has been easy for me to move on! I know that for some people, it is never easy and you will still feel the hollow feeling associated with missing the one you just broke up with.

I understand what love and loving means, and I know it takes a whole lot of effort to move away and forget the one person we really and truly love. For some of us that can relate with this video, we miss our Exes so much that we still try to check up on them to see how they are doing, not knowing that it is simply time to move on and get away from the pain and hurt that is associated to losing the ones we love.

It is strange really, how people we claim to love and care about so much becomes an history, a mirage because things fell apart. Love is a crazy feeling honestly; You love today and then tomorrow things fall apart and everyone moves on.

Sometimes, we love people so much and decide to make them our boyfriends and girlfriends only to realize that it is better to make them our friends than getting into a relationship with them. This type of breakup hurts as well and I am sure a lot of you guys can relate to this.

See a comment to this video on Youtube:

Love never comes without a price. It’s a burden sometimes, and you’d know exactly what I mean if you read all three books of legend.

Love is forever, but sometimes, different paths is the best choice. If you truly love someone, you wouldn’t be selfish and want the girl for yourself, or boy, but you’d want your loved one be happy. I loved a girl and still do, but we were never boyfriend/ girlfriend because it would ruin our friendship.

See another comment below:

It sucks to know how many people can understand this pain, how bad it hurts. How your heartbreaks. How the tears form. The loneliness and agony. The misery and pain. It hurts, this hurts so bad. My heart is so broken and i cant stop crying. 😞😞😞😞 i miss her.


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