I met her on Facebook, pretty but reticent at first, albeit I was able to convince her to join me on this street shoot.

The first impression was to tell her of my intention to tell a story of the streets of Lagos. At first, she did not understand what I meant by saying that, however she took all in her stride when I told her I needed a mix of designs to speak to our environment.

I was excited by the physical features of NANA, a true depiction of a Calabar Goddess as you will see in the pictures.

Our first spot for the shoot was a Keke NAPEP infused shoot. I had always loved the Keke means of transportation and always thought of having a shoot of a female model.

NANA comes to mind.

We also took to the brown street of Aguda Surulere where we wanted to depict the soul and spirit of a true African woman. We are Africans ain’t we?

It was a fun shoot from start to finish! NANA totally enjoyed it. You could be the next!!

This was my best picture yet! You know why? It is a picture full of stories. What story did this picture tell you??… Care to share??

What do you make of this shoot? You want us to continue to show the streets of Lagos as we celebrate fashion, style on the streets, you can drop your comments and feedback below.

You want to support and partner with us on the street style/ Street of Lagos shoots? Hit Us up on +2348067484109.

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  1. Akhampapa

    Awww. Cute photograpghy. D lady sef is a damsel. Kudos to Deedee also

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