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Outdoor Beauty Shoot With Seichiz Makeovers


We just wanted to have a mix of beauty with outdoor lifestyle photography and I would say this is my first shot of taking beauty shots. This first time I had to deal with an outdoor street-style fashion shoot was when I had BEAUTIFUL NANA, the CALABAR princess within my LENS. You can check out the pictures of that shoot HERE!

So I teemed up with beautiful Adetutu, CEO Seichiz Makeovers and we proceeded to have fun with the shoot! Mind you, there were no studio used, as these shots you will be looking at were completely taken outdoor!

Adetutu, CEO Seichiz Makeovers

We leveraged the outdoor ambience and the direction of natural light to ensure the perfect highlights, details and colour mix as appropriate.

The Story!

I needed to tell a story with this shoot unfortunately we could not do a short video, but I hope the photos will do justice to it!

Pre-MakeUp Stage

Let’s get to meet our Models


Uche,19, an aspiring model currently studying at Yaba College of Technology was our first model. She had this really delicate features plus a beautiful skin and it did not take so long before we got her into the photo mood!

She was a bit shy at first ( at least, she isn’t a professional model but she danced to the pho’TOG’s tunes quite well. I wanted her neck bones portraying the delicate features of a female figure 8 I had always wanted! She came out quite well…or what do you guys think?

From the portrait shoot, we decided to go a little daring and try the KeKe Napep shoot as well. She totally enjoyed it.

I did as well!


I fell in love with Sarah’s beautiful face and sultry skin the first time we met! Her skin reminded me of Agbani Darego back in the days with a ting of Fulani features to go with it. I wasn’t surprised when I realized that Sarah was actually Hausa. Amazing!

She came out well, and performed to expectations.

I totally enjoyed these shoots and fell in love with the beautiful muse.


Many thanks to Seichiz Makeovers, a creative and beautiful MUA who gave a facebeat of a life time. She does all types of face-beating guys! Holla at her and you would see some black beauty who knows what she does, as she appears at your door to give your face the beat of a LIFETIME!!

From adorning the head with beautiful gele masterpieces to lining up delicate colours on your face. She is the perfect MUA for your outing. You can reach out to her on Instagram @Seichiz Makeovers.

What do you think about these pictures. I would love to improve as this is my first! Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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Have fun with it!!

Do you need my services for a Photo Session like this? Then hit me up on mobile on +2348067484109 or shoot an email to!


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