Nigerian lady accuses husband’s side chick in a Facebook viral video. These videos are about a Nigerian lady who shared viral videos of her husband’s side chick begging her to please leave her husband alone. The sad and bitter Nigerian woman called out the Young lady, accusing her that she and her mother bewitched her husband in order to get him spend money and eventually milk him dry.

She also claimed that the side chick and her mother had visited different herbalists in order to keep the husband under their whims so as to continue to expend financial resources on the side chick, milk him dry and eventually take control of the husband’s matrimonial home.

In  the Facebook videos she posted, she insisted that the side chick, Gift Erabor with Facebook ID, Erabor Mamus has always been on the husband’s neck and she insisted that the proposed Gift should please her husband alone.

More on the post where Nigerian lady accuses husband’s side chick in a Facebook viral video:

Accusing the Gift of being an husband snatcher and witch, she has gone on Facebook to rant angrily and vehemently about the darkness, Gift and her Mom has cast on her husband, on Facebook.

In what appeared to be a supposed ‘Press Release’ by the said woman on Facebook to Peace, ( it was apparent that she was reading from a paper), she reeled out all the gifts her husband has bought Gift. Hmmmmn!!

The poster also revealed that her husband has spent over £15,000 in not more than a year after meeting Gift. She further stated that her husband opened a bakery for the side chick’s mom, but she has never been a recipient of such display of generosity from her husband. She also claimed in her videos that her husband bought Gift a Toyota Corolla car.

Is the woman right to do this? Is Gift really her husband’s side chick? Is this not a defamation of character? The Nigerian lady accuses husband’s side chick in a Facebook viral video is all I leave for you to watch!


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  1. Janet

    Hmmm,this is no joke.I would say it is what the husband knows how to eat that held him captive! Now,this woman needs kneel and beg her husband to stop doing such because to me it is possible the so called side chick might have not use anything on the man.
    *** Guys,men love your wife(s) and be contented with what you have.Ladies stop running after another woman or lady’s husband, stop bringing sadness and saparation to a happy and smooth homes.


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