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Happy Nelson Mandela Day

happy Nelson Mandela day

The Nelson Mandela day is here. Happy Nelson Mandela day to all of us Africans. Wherever you are in any part of the world, provided that you are an African, then the Nelson Mandela day should be celebrated.


Why is today the Nelson Mandela day?

18th of July every year has been set aside to celebrate the Nelson Mandela and of course this year is no exception to the celebration. The day was Nelson Mandela’s birthday and was declared by the United Nations in 2009 to celebrate the great African icon. The first Nelson Mandela day was celebrated on the 18th July 2010.

What the Nelson Mandela Day is all about?

This day serves to commemorate the lifetime service of an African man who gave everything he had for the liberation of South Africa.

In a statement in 2008, he told the younger generation to gear up for the future. He said:

‘It is in your hands to make the world a better place’.

This I believe was a wake up call and call to action to all younger generation to take up tasks and responsibilities that would shape their future. The Nelson Mandela International day is a day to allow us envision the process of making the world a better place. It is a day to look at the past to see what has been done and look into the future to visualize what ‘MUST’ be done. The choice of making the world a better place is in our hands now, only us can determine that. Nelson Mandela has handed over the leadership baton to us, everything is left to us now to make the positive difference we need for the world to be better.

Why am I wishing you a happy Nelson Mandela Day?

I am not wishing you a happy Nelson Mandela day to only celebrate the life and times of this icon, but to call you to action to do something no matter how little it is, to change your environment and change your world. We need to know that making a small difference starts with each of us. If we decided to get on with and make these small difference, our efforts individually can collectively change the world we live in. The Nelson Mandela day is not just for us to see it as a holiday. It is for all of us to see how we can affect humanity positively – to get on with it as we all have our individual roles to play to build a better community and world.

The Mandela day provides the opportunity to share the vision of Nelson Mandela for a better future for everyone.

I wish you a happy Nelson Mandela Day. It is your call to action: your call to serve.







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