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100+ Good Morning Prayers to Start the Day

good morning prayers to start the day

As a religious person, I never forget to do my good morning prayers to start the day because that is the most important thing to do first thing in the morning.

What are your wishes as you wake up in the morning? What do you hope for? Why not commit everything into God’s hands with good morning prayers. Why you pray for yourself, it is also important that you mouth a piece of prayer for those you love. There is nothing exactly bad in mouthing a number of good morning prayers for your family to start the day. You can decide o share good morning prayers to start the day with your wife, good morning prayers to start the day with your husband, good morning prayers to start the day with your lover, good morning prayers to start the day with colleagues. This is a pretty cool action to take and it demonstrates care, concern and the intention to be a part of whoever’s future you are sending the messages to.

Morning is like sunshine because it glows with the reflection of the rising sun. It brings joy, love, passion, and happiness to human that are alive and also bring the hope of a good day for those who have faith. Morning is an always renewed opportunity for us to achieve our dreams. This is the reason why we need to make hays while the sun shines.  We are blessed with the morning in order to see the beautiful things and cute faces we have to leave yesterday for our sleep. Let’s send beautiful prayers to our family and friends to cheer them up, motivate them and also wish them all the good things of life.

To take it a step further, you can decide to send these prayers in form of text messages to the individuals concerned and this is the essence of this post. To share with you 100 great good morning prayers to start the day.

Good morning prayer to the love of my life.

Whether far away or close, I make it a point of duty to share some good morning prayers to the love of my life. This does not only show that I am interested in her future but also indicated that I am ready to support her with prayers along the way. It will therefore be nice if you start your day with powerful good morning prayers to the love of your life.

1 Dear Lord, please bless (name of your lover). As he/ she commences the daily life journey yet again today, be with him/her. let your grace be unwavering and your peace is unstopping over him/ her. provide him/ her with the necessary tools to forge ahead and move faster in life’s ladder. Bless him/ her today, so that we can give all the glory to your name. Thank you for answered prayers.

2 The sky will scream your name, the stars will shine brightly for you. The sun will light up your darkened area. because that is the plan of God for your life. Your movements, days and future will remain a mystery to others because God’s glory will never leave you. His grace will always support you, and his hands will always be on you. Good morning and have a great day.

3 Oh Lord, please open dear ( mention the name of your lover) eyes to see the future that you have in store for him/ her. Let him/ her see a hint of your glory. Let us all marvel at the future that you have for us. Let your light shine brightly on us so that it will create the illumination for our path and we can see what lies ahead of us. Be with him/ her today and we will give glory to your name. Thank you, king of glory, as we appreciate you in the name of our Lord.

4 Dear God, please season the life of my lover with grace. Let everyone he/she comes in touch with is impacted through the blessings and talent that you have given him/ her. Let the ways open for him/ her today. Let there be a spiritual interaction between him/ her and the environment. Create in him/ her a new heart and renew the right spirit within him/ her, so that he/ she can begin to see the future and begin to appreciate you the more.

5 Dear Lord, you never fail in your words. I pray this morning that as (mention name of lover) steps out for him/ her daily routine today that you bless him/ her. We pray oh lord that you grant him/ her wisdom, knowledge and understanding to tackle challenges that comes during the morning, noon or night. We pray dear God that you will support him/ her spiritually so as to tackle all the negativity that comes during this life’s journey.

Good Morning Prayers for Lovers

6 I thank the lord for another day in your lie, and pray he enables you the strength to share your big heart with others.

7 Today, I’m sending you loads of smiles and hugs so you can have a better day.

8 May grace accompany you in all your endeavors today, go before you and speak for you. Good morning sweetheart.

9 May the Lord help you to shine brightly for him as you step out today.

10 Good morning my love. Have a splendid day.

11 As you step out today, may you be that intelligent, confident, spiritual, successful, affectionate and charming person that you need to be.

12 I pray the lord makes you the person he needs you to be as you commence this day.

13 If today ever turns out to be stressful, I hope the remembrance of our love would be enough to ease you through.

14 Good morning my darling. Leave all worries on God’s hands today and see the wonders that will happen.

15 Abundant intelligence and wisdom in your dealings today I pray for you.

16 Waking up to see your bright smile is enough blessing for me today. Good morning dear.

17 May you soar high above your equals today and perform unexpected wonders. Good morning.

18 May God give you the strength to make the right decisions in your life today and forever my darling.

19 I wake up every day blessing God for having you in my life. Bless you today and always dear.

20 All I pray for you this morning is a bright day and wonderful goodies from heaven.

21 If there are 99 reasons not to wake up every morning, you’d be the 1 that keeps me alive. I continuously thank God for your life.

22 This is me sending you a message to wish you a great morning and a wonderful day.

23 Your smile shall stretch do wide today because God will not stop performing amazing wonders in your life.

24 My Lord is your refugee and fortress. He shall guide and protect you in all your going in and coming out today.

25 Do you know that you’re an amazing person? Have a great morning dear.

26 Renewed energy I declare unto you to take on the day. Good morning dear.

27 Good morning my forever choice, I bless God continuously for you.

28 You’re my lucky charm and I wish you a very bright day ahead.

29 You see those wonderful dreams you have? Baby today shall signify a day closer to their completion. Good morning my sunshine.

30 May you sparkle so brightly today in Jesus name.

31 Whatever stumbling block that has been in your way shall be shattered in Jesus name.

32 May whatever you touch, whoever you interact with, whatever you put into your system today be blessed.

33 Good morning sweetheart. I hope all your wishes come true today.

34 Good morning dear. I wish you a fun day today.

35 God shall open an overflowing window of blessings for you today. Good morning.

36 May you be filled with happiness today. Good morning.

37 No matter how gloomy today might seem, always remember that it gets better.

38 The fact that you’re awake today signifies that you’re victorious. Have an amazing day ahead.

39 I hope my text makes you a smiley for the rest of the day. Good morning dear.

40 I come against all evil forces fashioned against you today. Remember that you are blessed and that you are a vessel of the most high.

41 A fantasy day of your dreams, one that screams perfection for you is my wish for you today.

42 Best wishes to you today dear. Good morning.

43 Hey baby! Be a star today and don’t forget to put a smile on someone’s face.

44 May anything you put your hand to do today prosper, and may you enjoy every bit of it today. Good morning dear.

45 Good morning dear. May the Lord protect you from all evils today.

46 Good morning sunshine. May favor and miracles be your portion today.

47 I pray all impossibilities today will be turned into possibilities for you.

48 May your day be as beautiful as you are. Good morning dear.

49 May cheers never seize from your heart today.

50 God is not going to give up on you, love. Let go of all your worries and take on today with a thankful heart.

51 I pray all your dealings are on the right path today darling.

52 May you start the day with enough confidence to see you through.

53 Silver and gold I have none, but my wish for you today is for you to have an amazing day.

54 Embrace whatever life throws at you today with great faith because God is by your side.

55 Good morning my Jewel, may God make you a person with inestimable value.

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