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50+ Good Morning Love SMS for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

morning love SMS

If I were your boyfriend after receiving the good morning love SMS in the morning. I would blow you a kiss! You want to know the kind of SMS to send to get the e-kiss or a return SMS? You have walked into the right place!

The morning comes with all the breeze and the brightness. That sums a perfect time to send your boyfriend a good morning love SMS. This shows that you have him in your thoughts as you wake up. Just send learn to pass the good morning love messages through the morning love SMS.

Morning Love SMS for boyfriend

Send the following good morning love sms for boyfriend:

1 Whenever I walk, I know I am not alone. Whenever I dream, I know I am not alone. Because in this life, only two people can walk the dream and dream the walk. The two people are me and you. I love you darling. Good morning love.

2 You are still asleep? You need to shine those bright and beautiful eyes so you can see what bright morning you are missing out here. Rise and shine darling. The morning awaits you already.

3 Where are those wide eyes, where is that big smile? Where is that masculine body? They need a little exercise this morning, don’t they? Good morning handsome. Go into your morning and take charge, love. The day is all yours for your achievement.

4 When you say good morning to the people that you love. It does not necessarily mean you are saying good morning, it is just that gentle way to say they are in your thoughts as you wake up and trust me when I say you are the first person I thought of today. I love you my darling. Good morning love

5 Your love is so true, so pure and so different. I have been with guys in time past but the way they express their love was different. Everything with you reeks of genuine love and respect for me, and this I will never take for granted. Good morning dear. Thanks for being everything to me.

6 You are great, wonderful and special. You are unique in your own different way. You are the definition of a God sent individual and I value your impact in my life. I will never trade your love for all the distractions of this world as I will continue to appreciate and respect you because you deserve way more than that. Thanks for being special dear, good morning to you!

7 Good morning love. How are you today? I hope you are fine? Do you miss me because I miss you too. I miss you because you are a blessing not only to me but also to this generation. You are the true and pure definition of love and I appreciate your tender loving care for me. Thanks for everything dear. Good morning to you.

8 Today will bring in new blessings and new grace for you. Today will bring in all the answers to all your prayers. Today will usher in all the goodness and mercies of the lord. Today is your day. Good morning dear, God is with you in every way.

9 I was there when God said all your sorrow will turn to joy. I was there when God said he will surprise you to a point of shock. I was there when God said you will have a shout of hallelujah soon. I was there when God said it is your to turn to shine. I was there when God said this is your own good morning.

10 Be strong, be positive, be renewed, for your day of fulfillment has come. It is your time to shine and no one in this world can ever stop that. All that is about to be perfected in your life will soon be perfected. Your time of glory is just around the corner. Your turn of greatness will come soon. Good morning and have a great day.

11 I am happy that you are reading this good morning love SMS. This shows that you are alive, hale and hearty and to this, I would give God the glory for waking you up. have you mouthed a word of thanks to God today? Please do! Good morning darling. Have a great day ahead.

12 Remember to stay thankful dear. Take control and be the best version of yourself always. The morning gives all of us the opportunity to be better versions of yesterday, deal with mistakes and remain positive. The morning allows us to align dreams with goals and remain steadfast in our craft. The morning will bless you with the goodies it brings with it. Have the brightest of all mornings dear.

13 When the sun shines, it is shining on your path. When the wind blows, it is blowing away your troubles. This is to tell you that God has you in mind and he will help you fulfill your purpose in life. Good morning Dear. May God be with you and guide you.

14 Good morning darling. I wish you the very best of today. Have it great and awesome.

15 Being in love with you is one of the reasons why I always love to get up every day. Good morning handsome. May your day be greater than yesterday.

16 I just want to use this opportunity to say Hi to the best man in the world right now.

17 Every sun that rise each morning provides me with the opportunity to say I love you. I love you my baby. Good morning to you!

18 I can’t find the words right now to wish the best man in the world a very good morning. Every minute makes me forget past mistakes I have made chasing the wrong dreams and meeting with the wrong people. may God bless your mornings dear. have the best morning ever.

19 You are a blessing that is God sent to me. Good morning dear, thanks for always being you.

20 The hottest man in the world is awake right now. Good morning darling. Trust you slept well?

21 You light up my world, you illuminate all dark areas in my life. Good morning love.

22 May this morning brings a smile on your face and may you find happiness in what you do and where you go. Good morning dear, may God be with you in all your endeavours.

23 Sweet dreams! You are my sweet dreams come true. You are the truest and most reasonable person in the world. Thank you for being you!

24 Live it, enjoy it. That is the essence of the brand new day for you. Good morning dear.

25 Do you just feel warm on a cold morning? Not to worry, it is my imaginary arms holding you close and tight, fending the cold off your body. Good morning dear, I hope you have a bubbly day ahead.

Good morning love SMS for Lovers

26. Good to hear from a beautiful heart; sunshine that kept my night smooth and passionate yesterday. You are my sweetness and the treasure of my heart among ladies. I love your attitude for it portraits the character of good wife material.

27. I was unable to sleep last night as I could not see you sleeping next to me; I really miss you. I miss your giggles and the way you cry whenever you find it difficult to get something done. Your tears touch my heart and then I take responsibilities as appropriate.

28. You have bombarded my heart with your sweet love. You have taken over my heart with endless love flowing like an ocean. If I can describe the hugeness of the impact of your love in me; the biggest mountain cannot withstand its weight. I love you.

29. Good morning to my heart. I hope your night was full of love and sweet dreams? As for me, I wish to meet you in a garden flowing with compassionate existence. I am imagining a situation where only you and I will be alone in a place to demonstrate the love we have for each other as a husband and a wife.

30. You may not actually get the level of the power of your love in me. It is so calm, lovely, nice and above all the most interesting I have ever witnessed with a woman. Your pretty face down to your innocently looking eyes is a sign of the super love you have in you. I love you.

31. I have so much concern about the kind of love you show to me; a special level of caring that I hardly receive from anybody. Love is like an intoxicant, if you take it too much, you must surely misbehave.

32. Now, I realize how much you mean to me. I understand that your anger comes from the fact that you love me with all your heart. If you are not jealous of other ladies around me, who will? I understand your feelings and will try my best to make you understand that you are the only one I want. Good morning.

33. Good morning my lovely wife. I am so lonely without you and wish that you are back anytime soon. I miss my delicious soup, I miss my favorite even when I bought it outside, and none tastes like yours. I love you.

34. I want to see my wife again; I miss your sweet kisses, your hugs and your blessed body that keeps me warm. I want to see your shining face full of passion to make life a sweet place to live. Good morning my sweetheart.

35. A superwoman like you deserves much to love than expected. You are worthy of being spoilt with love and wealth. I love you. You are my life so I will take care of you and our kids in as much as it will be a reason for you to be happier in life.

36. I don’t know how to explain things to you the way they are in my heart about the love I have for you, but just know that what I carry in my heart for you is taller than the tallest mountain you know. I love you.

37. My love, you are bright today because your face is shining like a blossom of light. The powerful smile on your cheeks is like a brilliant star touching everywhere I keep my head. When I fell in love with you; I realized that a man with you will always enjoy her life. I love you.

38. You are my dream, my pearl and the most interesting man this life has brought to me ever. I love you beyond what people used to think about us. I want my life to be linked with yours forever so that we will have children together.

39. When I met you, I realized that lots of things have come and gone which I missed. I meat, lots of passion of and true love has always been with you and yet I never knew. I love you so much and wish you could comprehend its depth in me.

40. My life is more attached to yours because I realized that the only time I used to be at the peak of my joy is whenever I am with you. I can’t do anything except that I’m sure that you are around and fine. Good morning.

41. Good morning to my life; my dear love. You are the best lady ever met in this world. The drop of joy that drip from your lips I pray should reach to my lips so that my body will be warmed the way I wish. Good morning.

42. If I am granted the power to make two wishes in this life; I will rather choose to spend the rest of my life with you and to also be resurrected with you so that we will continue our love till eternity. Good morning.

43. I want my life to become the reflection of your love; I want your smile to be the smile that will always energize my heart to do many good things in this world. I am happy to have a wonderful husband. Good morning.

44. Baby, please make me smile. Let my face glow with light and my heart be filled with true love for you. You can do it. I trust you with all my heart and wish that you understand this fact. I wish you a cute morning.

45. To the most beloved wife, what can I say to make you happier than you are today? I wish to take you to the best place in this world where you will enjoy this world to the fullest. I want to make sure that loving you is the best experience in my life.

Good Morning Love SMS for Him or Her

46. The brightness of the day reminds me of the first day I met you; you were appearing like an angel. No wonder you are still beautiful up till this beautiful moment. I love to see your eyes always. Good morning.

47. I have not missed anything since last night the way I miss you. I am always lonely in the night just because your handsomeness is far away from me. I keep having several dreams just for the impatient to see your face once again.

48. I love you more and more every second that counts on this earth. Te force of my love and passion for you is directly proportional to your good character and goes in line with your pretty face. Good morning my beloved.

49. I am strong this morning and it is as the result of the care you show to me last night. Your kisses keep me awake all through the night and your hug was a great body warmer in spite of the cold that persisted.

50. I love ladies with a pretty face; I love them with all my heart. I love a face that glows with light and then accompanied with a true smile of the true love it conceives. You are such kind of lady a man should have a wife. Good morning.

51. I want to reach out to the lady that matters to me most; truly, a million girls, you are the one I cherish the most. No other lady can forever replace you in my heart until fate may do us apart. I won’t lie to you-you are the only one I love for now.

52. Make sure that this morning is fantastic; remember, the way you start your day, so will you end it. Begin every day of your life with prayer and motivation and you will finally reach your desired dreams for a day. Good morning.

53. Great men are always happy no matter the condition, they don’t nag around. They are always in a good mood because they are able to realize with faith that no condition is permanent. Have a great time this morning.

54. Good morning to the most handsome boyfriend I have seen ever. Your face is specially designed by God to be the sweetest one for me. Your character makes you my role model and your lifestyle won my heart for you. Good morning.

55. I am so much in love with you and for this reason; I want to be yours for the rest of my life. I want to be the woman who consoles you when you are sad. I want to be the lady who gives birth to your children. Good morning.

56. I am always ready to be yours for the rest of my life; this is because every moment spent with you is always beautiful. It brings endless joy to my heart. I love you more than you imagine it to be. Good morning to my heartbeat.

57. Loving you has always been a good experience. Through you, I learned how to be kind and self-reliance. I learned that beautiful faces and most beautiful hearts must be treated like queens. Thank God I met you in life. Good morning.

58. All my life, I have always been in a mood of sadness until you came into it to redefine it with new hope. You shower me with caring and affection. You put a smile on my face and wiped away my past pains. Good morning.

59. I love you with all that I have. I am ready to sacrifice everything just to make sure that you are always happy. This morning is another opportunity to see your face again and to me, it is a special kind of glad tidings. Good morning.

60. My nights are always full of your thoughts. This signifies that I cannot live without you. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous face this morning. This kiss is for you; take it and make sure it reaches down to your heart. Good morning my love.

61. You are a cute treasure that should be preserved in my heart forever. That’s exactly what I will do so that you will always be in my heart for me to reach out to. I want you to understand this truth; my heart belongs to you so take care of it. Good morning.

62. Whenever I am sad, I quickly recall the beautiful moments we shared together, this gives me more confidence that the world will be happier whenever we get married. Thank God you finally proposed to me; this is what I have been waiting for. You actually made me happy. You are part of the joy. Good morning.

63. If I have one thing to qualify you with it will be the most expensive treasure on the surface of this earth. Truly, I have never seen a humble person like you all my life. You are indeed a gem that should be loved forever. I just want to say good morning.

64. This world will not be good for me if I don’t have you as part of it. No wonder, whenever I can’t see you, my breath seizes and living becomes difficult for me. Even though I exaggerated, please accept that it is equivalent to love you with all my heart. Good morning my love.

65. Whoever has you as a wife has found great joy in life; whoever meets you has met the most adorable treasure. I met you and I found endless joy in my life. Your simple nature has given me more confidence in this life. Good morning.

Short Good Morning Love SMS for Friend

66. Good morning to my good friend. I am surprised for the great maturity you applied when I almost disregarded you. Good morning.

67. You have always been by my side when I need you most. You are the only true friend I have for now. Thank you for your kindness. Good morning.

68. Good morning may you find everything you aspire to achieve achievable; may your face be filled with a smile.

69. Take a cup of coffee to energize you for the day work; it is essential for our well being. Good morning.

70. Stand up and enjoy the light of the sunshine. It is a rare opportunity for great people who want to make it in life.

71. Good morning dude, you are a true friend to be with. I really value you. You are special to me and it is just the truth.

72. I want to say good morning to my best friend of life; hope you now understand how important you are to me?

73. I can’t go out until I say hello to my good friend. How was your night? I hope you were not too stressed? Good morning.

74. I am saying good morning to my best friend; may your life profit you as you want it.

75. Morning is part of the grace of God that He bestows upon us; may we shine with it forever. Good morning my friend.

So you think good morning love SMS should be for boyfriend alone? C’mon, you should be here to send the morning love SMS to the girl of your dreams.



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