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100 Love Text Messages For Your Girlfriend

love text messages for your girlfriend

Love Text Messages For Your Girlfriend – You want to add more vibe to your relationship? Check out the love text messages I have on here for you.

10 sweet love text messages for your girlfriend

1. There may be loads of people in the world right now. There may be a lot going on in the world at the moment, but nothing makes me happy than thinking about you and knowing that you are mine for keeps. I love you so much darling.Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life.

2. You want me to prove that I love you? I will walk the length and breadth of this life to make this known. I will show you that you are special and mean the world to me. I will make you realize how alive I am to be your man. I love you so much.

3. In the world of yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. You will be the one I will love till eternity. This is not just because you are beautiful and special, but also because you are sensitive, smart and supportive. I will never give you up for anything in the world. I love you so very much.

4. You are my darling, my princess, my queen. You are the one who will make me a father soon. The thoughts of this excites me so much and I pray I make enough money to have as my woman for life. I love and appreciate you, and I will continue to love you. You mean everything to me. I adore you so much.

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5. People think we won’t last for long, but we proved them wrong. People thought there were loads of things wrong with us. But they never knew that we were trying to right our wrongs. People thought we will never be together again, but we will make them see why we will be together forever. You mean everything to me darling.

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