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Best I Love You SMS & Text Message of Love

best I love you SMS

You are presently in love with that special some right? I say congratulations. Now you are here trying to check the best I love you SMS to show exactly how and what you feel. Jump in here, Lover!

Best I love you SMS for her

For her, you need to send the best I love you sms to show how you feel.

1 I can’s stop thinking about you. Thoughts of you drive me crazy and gives me sleepless moments. I need a hug from you to get me out of this state of insomnia darling. I love you to the moon and back. You are my everything.

2 I just pray that you get to love me just the way I love you. Everyday my love for you continues to be on the rise, and I will always be proud to say that you live in me. I am very happy and glad that I am in love with the prettiest girl in the world. You are beautiful inside out darling.

3 I don’t know much about physics, maths or biology but I know that there is this kind of chemistry between us. This is a feeling that I have never felt anywhere else darling. You make my whole world beautiful and I love you today and always. Thanks for being my love.

4 I have never felt like this in a very long time. I am crazily in love and I have you to thank for this beautiful feeling. I do not know of the right words to put together to explain how I feel at this moment, but you should know that I’ve got my heart in this and I truly love you with everything in me. The love I have for you is true and everyday I will always LOVE YOU.

5 I adore you so much, I love and respect you so much. You are the only gift I have asked from God in a long time. You are God sent, the angel of my life and I will always love you.

6 What I feel can’t be faked, you know it is real and I can never hide it to you. I searched myself in and out to be sure if I was ready to mention it to you. You are just the only lover I would love to put a ring on it someday. I pray this day that you will remain mine forever. I love you darling.

7 I will try to do everything possible and make everything right. Because you are so special to me, I’d never take you for granted. Because you are so special to me, I’d try as much as possible to make us better. I will do right and I pray that you do right as well. Thank you for loving me, I love you.

8 We have beautiful dreams of being together and today I pray that all our dreams come true. You are indeed special to me and I appreciate this beautiful love that we share everyday. I promise you that I will always love you till the end of my days, because you deserve my LOVE.

9 You make me happy because you are my joy and life. I am indeed thankful and grateful to God for having the most adorable person in my life right now. I thank you so much for loving me darling. I love you so greatly.

10 Though I travel far and wide, you will always stay on my mind darling. Through the stormy weathers, Our love will always remain the same, and know that whenever we argue and fight, we would use that opportunity to get stronger and better. You are a queen and I am your king. I love you so much.

Best I love you SMS text message

11 There is just one thing I pray to God never to end. That is the love I have for you. I pray that you see it everyday and in everyday that I truly and sincerely love you from the depths of my heart.

12 Thank you so much for loving me, for your affection, care and support. I have never had any reason to doubt you or your love. You have shown me what it means to believe in love and to trust the one you love. I will always try in my heart to show you that I love you, and I will never have any reason to betray your love and trust.

13 For the most beautiful gift of God to me, I say thanks. For showing me what it means to really be in love I say thanks. You are a kind reminder of how lucky and grateful I am to have you as my lover and my life. I pray and hope this our love never ends. I love you so much baby.

14 Being in love with you is one of the best gift of life to me. I appreciate every minute of time that I share with you and I will always remember every moment as a kind reminder of the awesomeness of our love. I promise you today darling that you will be the only one that I love today and forever. I love you so much.

15 Thank you for trusting me. I promise today that I will have the strength and vigour to return the trust you have on me. I will never have any reason to give up on our love because you are heaven sent to me. You are the best gift of God to me and I appreciate every moment we share together. I promise to take care of you.

16 You have influenced me to be a better man everyday, and I sincerely appreciate all the efforts that you have made count. Thank you for showing me the true and real meaning of love. Thank you for falling in love with me. I love you so much.

17 You have the most infectious smile in the world. You are so special and adorable, and I want you to know this today, your smile keeps me going. Please don’t you ever stop smiling. I love YOU darling,

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