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100 Wednesday Prayers/Blessings to Share

wednesday prayers

I have your Wednesday prayers here. If you are looking for the perfect Wednesday prayers to make your week and those of your family and friends whole? I’ve got you covered.

Prayers go a long way in making God come in tune with our requests and he listens when we pray in all honesty and truth. Get your Wednesday prayers to share with family, friends and loved ones in here.

Amazing wednesday prayers / blessings

1. Great God, the one who governs heaven and earth, you have made sons and daughters in your glory and for this we stay happy and contented living according to the word you have given to us. We pray for your steadfast affection today so that it may continually lead us aright. We beg for mercy King of glory. Share your grace with us in the morning and night. Thank you for being there always. To you be all the glory honour and adoration.


2. Dear Lord, I know you’ve got great plans for me. Assist me dear God to keep in mind all the promises you made for me so that I can stand and walk in faith and in all the steadfastness I need to move forward in your word. Guide me dear God so that I won’t go astray, in this world I find myself. Be with me in all ways and support me as I move on in this journey to finding fulfillment and satisfaction. Thank you Lord for everything.

3. My God and my father, make my mind clean from the pressures of life. Fill me with the love and increase my fire in spirit to love and appreciate all that you have done for me. Take me as I am oh Lord and be with me all the days of my life. When others complain dear God, I want to find every reason to uphold my faith in you. Guide my footsteps today and forever. Thank you Jesus!


4. The pains we carry in our hearts seem to burden us so much that they try to make us forget God, but we will never forget the almighty. The Great God who has planted the pain to make us experience joy. He has made us whole and redeemed us of every iniquity. When it seems we are weary, remember to ask God to bring sunshine into our lives. He surely will!

5. Lord please help us with the rest of the blessings that you have in store for us. Make us amazing receivers of your blessings and your glory. Do not let us wander off in obscurity and in uncertainty. Bring us closer to the domain of your kingdom. Let your glory shine in our lives so that we become an evidence of your living glory.

6. Oh God, clear my mind of all dangerous thoughts and bring me closer to the perfection of your glory in my life. Let my life be an amazing picture of you. Let me world be a letter written by your hands so that the rest of the world can see what you have done and what you are going to do in my life. Thank you for everything dear Father. I give you all glory!

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Prayer for Wednesday morning

7. I know I have no power of my own and this is why I am grateful to you God for waking me up this morning. You have given me the grace to see another day. I am so excited to have this morning prayer to share with you my friend. I pray that the almighty bless your day and you have no cause to be sad throughout the day. May you be blessed and may you increase in all ramifications. Let your name be praised. Thank you Lord.

8. Dear father, I just want to say thank you and that I love you. I will always wait upon the promises that you have for me. Be lifted high oh God and may your name be praised forever because you are a great God.

9. You have filled me with lots of joy and happiness, thank you Lord for everything. I pray that on this bright Wednesday morning that you fill me with so much of your power and that you remain in me so that I can continually walk in your glory and in your path. Thank you for everything, may your name be praised!

10. We give you all the glory King of Kings, please give us the grace to love you more. Let your presence manifest in our lives. lease God let your love surround us. Bless us so that we can’t continue to bask in your glory. Let us have all reasons to remain thankful in this trying times.

11. When I feel like I am not doing enough, you still protect and guide me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this blessings from you. You kept me from Monday till Wednesday, even in my unfaithfulness, you have shown that you are a great God. Thank you for everything. may your name be praised and glorified. Amen.

12. Wednesday is here already, half of the week has come already, and you have always catered for my needs. Please I need your assistance today Dear God, I need your help today to make things right. Help me with priorities and make a living witness of your grace and glory. Be with me oh Lord and support me in my life journey. Amen.


13. I pray today that nothing will separate me from you. Help me dear God to choose rightly, and help my heart stay pure and undivided to you. Keep me away from my own thoughts of evil so that I will begin to live in you. Let your glory be made manifest in your life. help me to live in your truth so that I won’t go against your word. Thank you for everything.

14. You are my rock dear God. The one who helps me in the time of need. Please God it’s your help I need, keep helping me. I pray for all your blessings and more. Thank you Lord.

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