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Good Morning My King Quotes And Poems For Him

good morning my king quotes

He is a king, isn’t it? He is your king, therefore it will not be a bad idea for you to send him good morning my king quotes on a beautiful morning.

I am always fascinated by ladies who go the extra mile to remain consistent in little things like sending my king quotes to the man of their dreams. I have met quite a number of ladies who find it worthy sending messages, poems and quotes to the love of their lives. I have therefore decided to put together a number of good morning my king quotes that will lessen your search for my king quotes online or wherever you may be searching for the kingly quotes.

Are you ready for the quotes? Let’s get on with it

Good morning my king quotes for my lover

1 Intense possibilities
With you is where I belong
The feeling is more than I can ever return
You are the one that I would ever adore
Good morning my king, you mean the world to me

2 This emotions are killing
The love I have for you is thrilling
You are a king right from the beginning
I love you and that’s why you are winning
I know this is what I want and that’s why I am feeling
This love now and forever
Good morning my king

3 With you I am contented
With you I will never be defected
With you my love life is affected
When I see you I feel appreciated
Because you are a special man for me
I love you so much for being real
Good morning my king

4 You have lighted up my life in the way I can’t imagine
You have beautified my world, and for this I am thankful
You have taken me to the level where the world means a lot to me
I appreciate you love and your lover
Because with you, there is just no one else
I love you in many ways I can’t think of
Good morning my king, you are the one I love

5 I have been thinking all through the night
On why your love and affection had made me so high
The words fail me as I battled in my plight
I love how I feel though because you made things right
And your love for me is what I would never take on a ride
Good morning my king, you mean the whole world to me

6 Your love made me whole
If not for you love, where would I be?
Your love leads my soul
If not for you love, I will just be like a rope
Your love dwells on me and lives in me
If not for your, where would I have been?
Good morning my king

7 As long as I am still here
It is your love that will be with me
As long as I remain to love
It is your love that I will believe in
As long as I will live in your love
It is your love that I will worship
You are the best thing that ever happened to me
That’s why I will always love you my king
Good morning my king!

8 You deserve the very best kind of loving
And I will show you how to love in the best ways
You are the love of my life, and for that you deserve my love
I will respect you and adore you for the rest of my days
Because you are my good loving in a different way
Good morning my king

9 Your love is amazing and I know you and I are meant to be
We will remain in love forever and our love will be worthy for the world to see
Like the air that I breath in, so is your love to me
And I decree today, that my love for you will always be real
Good morning my king

10 My emotional persona
You are the love of my life, believe me when I say this
You are the one that I love, and you will bemy only baby
Whenever you are around, I always always feel like I’m ready
For your love makes me feel so intense and forever will I be ready
Good morning my king

11 The feeling of love drives me crazy
Whenever I am around you I feel excited like the strings in harmony
Believe me loving is greater having all the world’s money
You are the love of my life, ever noon, night and in the morning
Your love takes me on a high, this is not funny
Good morning my king, my love and my honey

12 I pay obeisance to you my king
I will bow down to you because you own my ring
To your celestial love and care is where I’ll cling
In the garden of contentment, your love song is all I’ll sing
Peace and tranquility to your soul is what I’ll bring
You are my lord, my owner and my king
Good morning my king

13 My king
Yesterday I was thinking
About the love you for me
Yesterday I was pondering
About how you just came into my life
Yesterday I was wondering
About how you have loved me like no other
yesterday I was wondering
About how I have loved you in a crazy way
Yesterday I was wondering
About how I have been unable to sleep without you
Now it is morning and all I have to say
Is good morning my king

14 I never thought that I would be in love with you like this
My heart goes to spin anytime I think about the love you have for me
I remembered the first time you truly knocked me off my feet
The euphoric feeling is something I would never forget
You are so loving and your love is so different
I appreciate your love and everything you have done for me
Good morning my king, thank you for everything

Good morning my king quotes for your use.

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