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Romantic SMS for boyfriend

1 You give me joy everyday. You bring happiness into my world and this means a whole lot to me. I appreciate your kindness and support that never stops. We may have a lot of people in this world, but this is just a pointer that I only know you and I totally belong to you in the midst of the world’s population. I love you so much darling and I hope you love me too.

2 I will show all the world that I am crazy about you. I will let them know that you mean a lot to me. I will walk the length and breadth of this universe to prove that it is only you and no one else. You are the living thing in me and I cherish every moment spent together. I will never take you or our love for granted because you are just special. You are the reason I want to fall in love over and over again. I love you darling.

3 Thank you for everything; for standing with me, standing by me, standing behind me and showing me all the support in my trying times. Your words of motivation still reel in my head till date and indeed I am grateful for having someone like you in my life. I will always and forever love you darling because you mean a lot to me. I love you incredibly.

4 When you are bored and lonely, remember that I am just a call away. When you feel tired and weary, holla at me and let us talk, When you sad and feel terrible always know that my shoulder is there for you to lean on. I will be here to throw all my weight of support because you are on special and kin lover. I love you darling. You are simply the best.

5 When you are clogged and can’t think of anything, just close your eyes, mention my name and think of me. I will be there in my mind to minister to your soul. That is the extent of our love and relationship. I love you, darling, one love keeps us together.

6 when the morning comes, you will be the early morning dawn, when the noon comes, you will be the strength that I need, and when the night comes, you will be the beautiful evening breeze that will come calm me to sleep. You bring joy and happiness to my world, you are great and I love you baby.

7 You are a very sweet lady. Your attitude and emotions drive me crazy. You love LOVE and everything it stands for. I love your kind of love and it suits me perfectly. Your love is caring, forgiving and spiritual. It takes a very mature individual to love in your own way, and that makes you special. I love you so much.

8 I feel so in love with you. You are the definition of a beautiful love story that I am about to write soon. You soothe me like the balm that I use on my aching feet. Always know that for better for worse, I am sticking with you. You are lovely and I love you so much. Thank you for all you have brought into my life. I adore you.

9 You are the song that has refused to stop in my heart. You are the person that my heart desires forever. I will never leave you because I don’t know where I will meet someone like you again. We are going to be together forever, I am sure of this. Thank you for making me ME. I will forever appreciate that. Thank you for everything dear.

10 My love, my life, my sweetheart, my everything. What I feel for you is real and my kind of love is just meant for one person, which is YOU. You brought joy into my life and you have made me feel alive in love again. I appreciate this and I thank you so much for your love and support. I love you!

11. Your eyes are shining like a brilliant gold, and they make my heart blow like a passionate balloon. I will like to dwell in your heart for the rest of my life.

12. You are my happiness and the most handsome pearl I have ever seen in this world. You are my greatest love in terms of men.

13. Whoever does not understand your way of life tends to take you for granted. You are just like a diamond parcel in my heart.

14. I have always wanted to be yours for long. I have always wanted to make you happy. Today, I am sending you the entire love I have for you.

15. Thank God for having a real gem like you as my love. I will always love you for the rest of my life. I will not stop thinking about you.

16. The day my heart will stop beating, it means you are no longer on this earth. This is because you have become my second nature.

17. Every night and day, I think of you beyond the ordinary imagination. I feel like this world will not be fine with me, if I can’t reach you.

18. I want to be the pillow you keep your head every night, the bed you sleep in because you are more like a comfort mattress to me.

19. Anytime I see your face, I feel like the entire world is right inside of you. I see sincerity and joy. I see love and passion meant for me alone.

20. Take my hands and make me smile. Give me joy and then shower me with your love. I want to be yours. I want to be the queen of your heart.

21. You are the best lover I have ever come across in life and the reason is because, I have experienced lot of love but none is as romantic as yours. I will always be your handbag.

22. How I wish you know that I may die if I can’t see you for a day. This should send you a signal that I am incomplete without you.

23. You are simply my heartbeat. Without you, this world will just be a useless place for me to live. I can’t just bear the pain of losing you.

24. Anytime I see you walking away, I feel deep pain in my heart. I feel this agony that I can’t even explain. I love you my sweetheart.

25. I think I have got lots of talent, so I need it to pass on to a man’s children and it is you I wish to give birth to his kids. I love you.

26. Just like chocolate, your love tastes so sweet. No matter how far you have gone, I will still find somewhere in my heart to remember you.

27. When I saw you, I saw the kind of man that I have been praying for. Your kindness, maturity and understanding keep me strong.

28. I trust you so much. I love you beyond extraordinary reason and it condition that persuades me to want to spend the remaining half of my life with you.

29. Husbands are of different types but the one I see in you is a blessed one that will care for his wife and children. I don’t mind being the lucky girl.

30. It is great that I met you in life, I will always be grateful for sure interesting privilege. Today and any other day, you love will remain the same in my heart.

31. Truly, I have never seen a sweet gem like you before. Everything about you is so amazing that I can’t even skip a second not to think about you.

32. You have changed everything about me =, including my way of thinking. You have turned me into a girl always filled with love.

33. If I can find a way to make only you and I will inherit this world, I would have done so, so that you will become my Adam and I will be your Eve.

34. Truly, I would have loved to be the one that makes you smile. Just like yesterday, we met like a stranger and then became the best of friends. I love you.

35. Your eyes shine like a superstar, a star that has no rival. Truly, to me you are just like a treasure. A noble guy from a royal family.

36. Before, I have closed my heart never to have anything to do with any man or guy again. Until you came into my world, I realized that maintaining my words will have caused me to miss the taste of true love.

37. You may not know that I admire you beyond your imagination. Even when I broke up with you in the first place, I could not stop crying. I love you.

38. I have been so happy for this great privilege of meeting a prince like you. I am so close to my heart when I saw you and then my body became so cold for the aura of your love.

39. Your smile alone melts my heart. It makes me go crazy as though I will just die if a single distance should separate us in a day.

40. I want you to know that not even a minute of my life do I wish to not see you. This is because it is not possible for me to live in this world alone without you.

41. Anytime you are in pain, it makes me sad. I don’t know why your pain is mine. I don’t know why what hurts you hurts me. I love you.

42. If I can give you a kiss, I will have tried all my best to make it taste like a packet of chocolate. You deserve sweet love.

43. If the whole men on earth can adopt your lifestyle, I think this world will have become a free land for women to live happily ever after.

44. To my surprise, I never knew that men like you still exist. Your maturity, your composure and patience won my heart for you.

45. In this global world, many will not be satisfied because they have no good wife to take good care of them. As for me, it is my dream to be your wife soon, so I can cook your favorites.

46. My mission this year is that I want to be the youngest wife in my area, and you are the only man my heart has accepted. I love you.

47. God knows how much I love you. Perhaps, if I can write the contents of my love for you, an entire ocean may be exhausted.

48. There are many ways we express our love but the way of my love for you is to keep you warm and calm with my lips.

49. I used to love the taste of your lips and the warmness of your body whenever you hug me, what about your perfume, it is the most classic in town.

50. I have come to realize that this world is nothing but a sadness zone if you have no lover who will always keep you strong. Sweetheart, you are my strength.

51. You are my wings when I was broken and stripped of my feather. If not for your endless peacemaking attitude, God knows everything would have been a different story.

52. If I can make this world a golden place, I will choose for you, a throne of gold glittering with passion and compassion. I love you.

53. Words cannot express the kind of love I have for you. Action cannot speak them out clearly for you to understand because it takes only a lifetime to explain the kind of love I have for you.

54. Nothing will make sense in my life if you are not always with me. Just like a child to his mother, I want to always be where you are.

55. Of all the people of this world, you alone I wish I can make things clear to because my heart is now with you. You can take of it for me.

56. I may not be that strong in spirit but one thing is sure for me which I can always boats about and it is the fact that I love you.

57. Many don’t know how important you are to me, that’s why they made attempt to separate us. You could now understand that I want so weak missing you.

58. My life is nothing without you and so for this reason, I decided to be the woman hoping to take care of your kids one day.

59. There have been a lot of toasting, a lot of proposals and yet you turned them down because you want to be mine forever. I love you.

60. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for trusting me. If not for your love that sparks like a brilliant star, I would have been in sorrow now.

61. I won’t let you down. I won’t make you suffer for any reason because doing so only means I am hurting myself. I love you.

62. You are just like a blue star in my life. I don’t actually know why I am so much attached to you. in fact with you I feel I more secured everywhere.

63. Thank God for meeting a guy with lots of understandings and respect for women. The day you proposed to me, I feel like the world has changed into a home of complete joy.

64. I don’t think there is need to live in this world without you. I fell like every single day of my life will not work unless you are still part of my world.

65. I want to be the one to make you happy in any situation. I want to be that woman who will satisfy you when the weakness of men comes. I love you.

66. This womb, one day will carry your child. It will make me smile for I have the baby of the man I cherish with all my heart growing in me.

67. I think with you, this world will be the most precious place to live. It will be the globe of love where I will dwell with you until death does us apart.

68. When I first met you, I never wanted to believe that someone special like you is on this earth, so I decided to give you a trial. I love you.

69. If there is anything as perfect love, it is the one I experience from you. I won’t live to forget you because to me, it is now a sin to do so.

70. I won’t be able to live longer than a minute if anything should happen to you, this is why I am always concerned about your well being.

71. I don’t care turning the world around just to show you how much you mean to me. I love you so much that there is nothing that can convince me to stop loving you.

72. Your face is always amazing because I have never seen a face as bright as sunshine before. I love you definitely with truthfulness.

73. You make this world livable for me because your presence add more joy to m=every moment I share with you. I love you so much.

74. I love you way of life and the special s=life you live that pleases me to the deepest corner of my heart. I just want to say, thank you my beloved.

75. I love the fact that you are part of my life. I love the feeling that covers my heart whenever I think of you. I love you my dear angel.

76. Thank God for the most beautiful moments we share together. You are my blessing and the most beloved treasure that I discovered and then claimed in life.

77. Wishing you all the best in this world. I am happy that everything I want in a man is complete in you. I love you my sweet angel.

78. Been in love with you does not only make me proud of you, it also gives me this feeling to want to dwell in you forever. I love you.

79. A gem like you is rare on earth, because you shower me with a fantastic type of love that cannot be found even in France.

80. Thank God for this wonderful experience in life; knowing you alone is a complete joy. I cannot possibly stop thinking about you all my life.

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