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Tbh post examples: This kind of quote is a kind of exaggerative but mostly conveys the truth about the person it is referred to. It is a special message that is similar to romantic messages that are sent from a lover to another. The only difference is that this can be sent to anyone but in a special mood. You compare people’s qualities with amazing creatures both living and non-living. You make your client feel very important by praising him in such a way that he can’t escape been flattered.

Great TBH post examples

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1. You have this kind of heart that is larger than life itself; the wall of your heart is taller than the tallest mountain.

2. Your character is the best I have ever heard about. So good and outstanding, in fact you have got the best face in the world.

3. Your heart is big and giant and therefore can take almost everything it deserves like love, passion, enjoyment and pleasure.

4. If I must say anything, do you know that I am yet to see a wonderful person like you? In fact, it is all I have to say.

5. Since I was born, I have never seen somebody as brave as you are before; in fact you are the greatest wrestler in the world.

6. What an intelligent man you are, a great poet with great creative ability. You are just the best writer I have ever seen.

7. You don’t know you are my favorite singer. Your voice is nicer than Jennifer Lopez. This is the grade your voice has reached.

8. Whenever you speak, thunder claps in awe of your eloquence, as though you are a god of thunder.

9. I realize how much you have become so brave this day; a pure heart is smiling at me, a great woman of brave heart.

10. Your heart is bigger than this world. It can accommodate anything that comes into it. You are as gentle as the snail.

11. The most peaceful creature I have seen ever is ewe, do you know that you are more peaceful?

12. Indeed, you are just the best person in this world because your character is standard, your lifestyle is superb.

13. Your eyes are brighter than the sun, your smile is sweeter than honey and everything about you is of high class.

14. What a great personality, he never sad, he never insult all his life has been as peaceful as peace itself.

15. In your eyes is the castle of love, peace, pleasure and treasure. You are indeed a pure man of integrity.

16. You are a great man of credibility; the fear of you by your enemies is like the distance of a two months journey. Your heart so large and brave.

17. If I said I have seen any human like you before, it will be the biggest lie in this year. Your muscles as great as the Paris Bridge, your shoulder broad like a mountain.

18. When they talk of the real lion heart, you are the one. I have searched the whole world to find one that can match you but all in vain.

19. Your charismatic nature is a boom. No one listens to your speech except that his heart melts in awe of your eloquence.

20. The great Sahara Desert is not as famous as you are. Mount Kilimanjaro sees you and run away. Your presence at ay place shakes the crowd.

Cute TBH post examples

21. When there is somebody like you in a place, everywhere becomes lively. There is no doubt you are the most handsome man in the world.

22. I have seen many people, I learned their lifestyle but since I met you, no one has been able to break your record.

23. You are a king, a pillar of justice. You are tougher than Pharaoh but a good and kind leader for the subjects that are just.

24. I have never seen somebody like you before. You know what? You are just like the Lion of Judah, the greatest man of our time.

25. Who can tell me how powerful you are? Your presence is moral to the soldiers; your brave heart can crumble your enemies.

26. Wait and see the light of this man’s eyes, you will realize that he is a blessing to this nation. He is the most beloved by his people.

27. Your smile is sweeter than the sweetest thing in this world. Your walking step is superb, marvel and mind-blowing.

28. What a great mountain of strength, anytime you are in our midst; we are rest assured that we are safe.

29. I used to wonder the kind of energy that is gathered in you alone. What an amazing worker, you do the work of ten men in two minutes.

30. Every time, I see you above everyone I have come across in life. In the next fifty years to come, there will be no father as better than you are.

31. My mother is the best mother that has ever set foot on the surface of this earth. Her character is a legacy for every other mother.

32. Your smile alone can set peace on the entire world. People don’t know that you are the sun that shines in the morning and the moon that reflects in the night.

33. Your lifestyle worth a billion dollars or let say more than an infinite ponds. You are the best in conduct in this our generation.

34. What else does a person need in life when you have encountered the richest man in the world? You are the richest man in terms of wealth and knowledge.

35. Any other president is a counterfeit, you are the best of them, and none of them can lead the way you do.

36. You may not remember this virtue of yours, a great virtue of love. Your heart is the city of love and sympathy for human beings.

37. God’s favor dwells in you and it is the reason why you are just the best in this world. No other woman can withstand the aura of your beautiful.

38. Have you ever come across a woman as tall as you are before? This means you are the tallest and most gorgeous woman in the world.

39. On your face is sunshine, it shines like never before. It brings a brim of colorful light and therefore, entertains the beholders.

40. Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, your lips as I see them are the most beautiful treasure in this world.

Special TBH post examples

41. No one knows how I see you but God, you are to me like a diamond city, so valuable and irresistible.

42. If life is beautiful and lively, it is because you are part of it. You are the best I have ever seen in this world.

43. Believe me, your respect in my heart is larger than the largest ocean ever discovered. Your beauty has no comparison among women.

44. Greatness is my favorite, when I see great men like you I feel comfort in my heart. I see you as a man of great integrity.

45. When they say wonders never end, it is you they refer to. Your great achievements are better than everyone else.

46. You are a mountain of gold, a rich pocket full of wisdom as given by the Highest. Your charisma does not have comparison among your rivals.

47. I don’t think there is any other woman as gorgeous as you are from the genesis of this life till the revelation.

48. Your honor is as broad as the first heaven, your beauty is wider than the widest ocean and your prayer answers in a speed of light.

49. Whenever I see you, I have seen a man of great integrity. I have seen a man of outstanding attitude.

50. If there is anybody better than you are in this area we are, the person must be a real angel, if not, I have never come across anyone better than you are.

51. The woman is the pillar of joy in a man’s life as the leave of God. She is a superwoman, her hands of sympathy is longer than the east.

52. I have not seen a face that is brighter than the sun until I met you. What a wonderful woman in this world.

53. When they talk of a great princess of all time, I don’t expect anyone to skip your name. You are such a precious daughter of a great king.

54. Many have been given title, but the one given to you is better than every other person’s. You are mother Africa.

55. In my life, I have not come across a well-disciplined person like you. Just like a minister, you are so diligent.

56. Intelligent people see you and bow the greatest engineer in the entire universe. It is only God that can beat you in engineering.

57. I believe in you that you can break an entire rock in a day. You can do the best you wish to do.

58. Tell yourself you know you can. As for me, I know you are a great lion and conquer the strongest enemies in the world.

59. Anytime your voice is heard by your opponents, they shiver and run for their life, you are the greatest president ever produced in our dear country.

60. I have no reason to be scared of hunger this day because the richest man in Babylon is in our midst.

61. Your heart is full of sympathy for mankind; you are a man of your words, any other orator queue at your back.

62. If you are looking for the man of credibility, as me and I will tell you, you are the one. Your leadership skill is a great gift for humanity.

63. I have not seen a beauty that lights the whole cave before but when I met you, heresy became reality.

64. What a wonderful boss, the skillful approach you handle your works is learned from heaven. You are a talented angel.

65. The eloquence of your speech can convert a dead body into a humble listener. What special orator you are.

66. Your cup is made of silver, your wristwatch is made of pure gold and your walking steps are the gentlest sound ever heard.

67. Whenever you walk, I see you like a prince, in fact, your steps are more majestically beautiful than of a real prince.

68. Few days I stayed with you, I understood that your life is the simplest one on earth for now. You are worthy of been called a Sultan.

69. Whoever thinks he is better than you are should bring a mountain of silver before us. Your intelligence does not have a rival among human.

70. I have not seen a smile as powerful as the one of this queen. You have this incredible face that shines like sunshine.

71. Who else can reach your height in the field of science? Is it possible to discover your inventory in the next hundred years?

72. Let the world understand that my wife is the best cook ever. No other woman in the world can dear contest with her.

73. As for me, you are a star, and whoever comes near you is overshadow with your light. This is the effect of the great beauty you possess.

74. The best are known by their conducts, you are an outstanding teacher of morality; you don’t even need to talk before people get inspired.

75. Your heart is a garden of love; it accommodates every single thing that a less privileged person needs to move up in life.

76. Whoever wants to be a millionaire should move closer to my friend, he has the strength to enrich you with his money bank.

77. Your eyes are the sea of beauty I was talking about. Can’t you see how powerful your smile is?

78. Wonders shall never end; I have never seen a person as precious as you are before, a great lover.

79. What do you think is the best thing to see in the morning if not your beautiful face? I think your smile is next.

80. Powerful people are not into power-drunk things, even with their power, they are the humblest. You are a nobleman full of wisdom to settle matters.

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