3 Naughty Gifts to Surprise Your Man With In 2019

Naughty Gifts

3 Naughty Gifts to Surprise Your Man With In 2019: The new year is in full swing and if you have a special man in your life, you have ample opportunity to bestow special gifts on him this year, starting with Valentine’s Day in a couple of days.  While it is common practice for a woman to present her man with gifts such as cash, tech gadgets, books, and CDs, there is no rule that stipulates that you can’t give him something a bit naughtier instead. This year, why not aim to make your guy’s Valentine’s, birthday, and even your anniversary super-special by giving him a gift that is bound to put a smile on both your faces for a long time to come.


S*xy lingerie

Although a pair of tight-fitting boxers will undoubtedly look s*xy on your man, he will be more appreciative of being able to dress you in lingerie. If you really want to get his pulse racing, pick out a couple of sensual lingerie pieces in your size, have it wrapped-up nicely and bless him with it on his special day.  Not only will he be salivating at the mere thought of helping you get into your newly-acquired attire, but it will be like reopening his gift again every time he gets to see you in your negligee. Pick something in his favorite color or, if you know that he has always fantasized about you wearing something specific, make the effort to turn his dreams into a reality.

An erotic toy (or two)

Nothing says ‘I love and desire you’ quite like a birthday or anniversary gift that includes either an erotic couple’s game or a romantic toy. There is an exciting range of kinky games such as playing cards, dice, and even board games available both online and in adult gift stores that can ignite a plethora of passion in both you and your man.  If you are really daring and truly value your guy’s pleasure, gift him with a romantic toy that will not only be enjoyable but actually increase his libido and enhance his stamina as well. Fleshlights and other masturbation sleeves are particularly popular among men while wand-style massagers can be used to give you both immense pleasure.

A full-day experience

The best gifts are often those that can’t be wrapped up with a bow tied around it. Instead of buying your guy a present, why not turn the entire day into a special s*xy experience?  Start the day by preparing a delicious breakfast complete with champagne and serve it to your guy in bed, wearing his favorite nightgown or lingerie set. Continue the festivities during the day by having a cute gift delivered to his work or by sending him cute text messages to set the mood for the coming evening. You probably know your man better than anyone else which puts you in the perfect position to organize an evening he will never forget.  A small gathering with friends can easily be followed by a night of unadulterated pleasure in the bedroom consisting of a tender massage, some great sultry snacks, and whatever else blows your mind. The possibilities truly are limitless once you start thinking of ideas to create an all-day celebration.

Women inherently love to be spoiled on special occasions, but that does not mean we can’t do the same for our men. Even the simplest of gestures is bound to put a huge smile on your guy’s face and an added heap of love in his hear

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