Things to Know About Dermal Fillers for Men

Dreaming about a youthful appearance is natural whether you are male or female. Smooth, flawless skin without wrinkles or other age-related imperfections – isn’t it the ultimate goal?

Dermal fillers are now among the most popular products to preserve one’s looks, smooth out skin, and make it glowing and healthy as if you are eternally in your twenties.

And men experiment with these cosmetic procedures quite often to ensure they look handsome and desirable despite their age.

And before you question it, no, using dermal fillers doesn’t make you less masculine; it’s just another way of taking care of your appearance, just like creams or SPF do.

So, let’s use this opportunity to cover the topic of dermal filler treatments for men and how these injectables are used the most often for males. We believe you’ll find some interesting information in this article!

More About Dermal Fillers for Men

Are Dermal Fillers Popular Among Men?

Dermal filler injections are among the most popular procedures to maintain a youthful appearance and deal with deep lines and crease that form as we age.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 100,000 men receive facial fillers yearly. Mainly, they choose this procedure to make facial features more defined, sharpen their looks, and reach a more masculine appearance.

Of course, to provide a fabulous natural-looking effect, a specialist that conducts the treatment must buy dermal fillers wholesale from a reliable supplier.

Quality matters here, so it’s always better to spend some time searching for an advantageous company to cooperate with instead of looking for the cheapest option.

The Best Areas for Men’s Dermal Fillers

The possibilities with injectable treatments are endless, and it is essential to consider all the nuances and goals beforehand to create the most efficient injection scheme.

Here are some of the most popular areas male patients improve with dermal fillers in the doctor’s office.

Midface Correction

As we age, we may notice droopiness and loss of elasticity in our mid-face, especially in the cheek zone. That’s why features may look flatter and grumpy.

With the help of fillers, facial volume can be noticeably enhanced in the cheeks and under the eyes; it’s also a perfect option to eliminate dark circles, bags, and get rid of nasolabial folds. So, you may forget about constantly tired looks and enhance your appearance with an injectable gel!

Chin and Jawline Contouring

This procedure is one of the most popular options when it comes to male dermal filler treatments. To enhance the masculine facial structure, the jawline must be defined and sharp, basically the first thing you notice when you see a person.

When this region is floppy, it may seem like a person is overweight, unfit, and much older than their actual age. So, dense injectable fillers would work well to deal with these problems and ensure patients have no worries about their appearance.

To ensure the effect lasts for a long time, it’s vital to schedule appointments on a regular basis.

NSR (Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty)

This procedure is excellent for individuals who want to achieve natural-looking results without plastic surgeries and other potentially problematic treatments.

Based on one’s requests, the process may consist of various steps, including adding more projection to the tip of the nose, hiding nasal humps, and narrowing the bridge.

Of course, it’s important to discuss this option with an experienced doctor to ensure all one’s needs can be achieved with the help of dermal fillers; sometimes, this solution is simply not an option for one’s needs.

Can Men Dermal Fillers Be Combined with Botox?

Even though a filler treatment is an effective procedure when used on its own, the efficiency of the gel may be enhanced if it’s combined with other popular solutions in cosmetic beauty.

Just like that, specialists often recommend having a Botox injection a few weeks after the filler administration.

This action allows providing long-lasting results and prevents the occurrence of dynamic wrinkles at the same time; isn’t it amazing? First, hyaluronic acid gel (which is a naturally-occurring substance) is used to fill in superficial fine lines and smooth out a facial surface.

Afterward, patients should wait for a few weeks for local irritations to fade away and for the product to settle. Once it’s done, botulinum toxin may be administered into the muscles to stip their contractions and ensure a person may enjoy a younger appearance for as long as possible!

The Best Dermal Filler Brands Used for Men

Now that we know the most popular dermal filler areas for male patients, let’s look closely at some widely used brands selected for them.

The variety of available options on the market is astonishing and may sometimes be overwhelming for individuals new to this sphere. So, without further ado, we are going to make you a real expert on this topic (discuss with your doctor if there are any doubts):

  • Juvederm. Juvederm is a smooth injectable gel used for both male and female patients to enhance their appearance. They are mainly used to deal with superficial and deep wrinkles in various zones, mainly around the mouth, nose, tear trough, and so on. It’s also suitable for lip enhancement and cheeks and temples volume restoration, so people with droopy skin may benefit significantly from this product;
  • Belotero. This FDA-approved injectable is perfect for individuals with deep creases in the perioral region (such as laugh lines). It is also perfect for enhancing the nose, cheeks, and lips;
  • Restylane. Another excellent option is to eliminate superficial lines and other age-related imperfections. The one thing distinguishing this filler brand from others is its ability to improve delicate under-eye area, which is most prone to age in younger years. This gel also works well for neck and hands rejuvenation and smoothes lines around the mouth to provide a significant appearance improvement for an individual;
  • Radiesse. Unlike previously-mentioned brands that contain hyaluronic acid, Radiesse works with calcium hydroxylapatite, which is mainly used to boost natural collagen production in the body, work from the inside, and guarantee durable results in the end (up to two years). This one is considered one of the best injectable treatments for facial contouring and jawline definition;
  • Sculptra. The last brand we would like to discuss is poly-L-lactic acid filler Sculptra. This one is a synthetic product created for deep wrinkles correction and lost collagen restoration. It is recommended to have a few appointments within six months to enjoy long-lasting results and perfect appearance improvement. It is great if combined with other cosmetic procedures.

The Final Word

Dermal fillers for men are among the most popular cosmetic procedures males use for their cosmetic needs.

Injectables like Juvederm or Belotero provide long-lasting and natural-looking results, so with the help of just one course, it’s possible to enhance one’s looks, get rid of annoying aesthetic problems, and correct imperfections that may cause numerous self-esteem doubts.

To ensure this option is right for an individual, it’s essential to visit a doctor’s office and discuss all the goals and cosmetic desires with a real professional.

The appearance of your dreams is closer than you think; start your exciting journey to younger-looking skin today!

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