5 Stylish Accessories That Look Good on Men

Accessories That Look Good on Men

Accessories That Look Good on Men: Without a doubt, the difference between a good looking and an average looking guy is how well he has accessorized according to his outfit. Unless you work in a field that doesn’t require a lot of travel or office work, your outfit makes a significant statement. While there is nothing wrong with wearing clothes you are comfortable in, adding a few accessories will definitely get you the attention that you deserve. These small touches add a sense of mystery and are the weak points of most women. So, let’s discuss 5 things that every woman finds attractive and will make your outfit a lot dabber than before.


Investing some money in a watch won’t ever go unfruitful. When you are going for a watch, buy something that looks aesthetically good, is functional, and on top of that feels comfortable. When matched with an outfit, a watch can significantly enhance your appearance, which reflects your style.

Most women find a man’s arm to be one of the sexiest features of his body. Rolled up sleeves and a leather watch can melt every woman’s heart and automatically gives the man wearing it an edge over the rest of the crowd.

Ties and Bow Ties

Ties are usually a part of a formal outfit, and they are a must if you are wearing a suit. Wearing a tie is one thing but wearing it the right way and different from the rest is another. If you want to add a unique and stylish touch to your suit, you can read a detailed knotting guide at Ties.com. Moreover, you can also wear a bow tie from time to time to give off a unique and different look.

Patterned Socks

While most men ignore it because they hide under their pants, they make a hell of a difference. Shoes are the first thing anyone notices about you, and if you wear a simple sock, you give a very boring look. When you are sitting down, you flash off at least an inch or two of your ankle, and it is enough for women to make a judgement about your personality and style. If you have a bright-coloured outfit, a patterned sock matches very well with it.

A Stylish Bag

This one is for the working and student class who use a bag. A simple bag that caters to all your needs is a must, but if you have a stylish bag (preferably leather), you create waves wherever you go. The key is to choose a simple color that is not too bright so that it integrates well with every outfit. You can also go for a strapped bag and wear it across the body depending on what you prefer.


Every woman likes a man with a good psyche and belts help you outline that feature. Casual belts can be worn with anything like jeans or denim. On the other hand, leather belts are perfect for suits. When wearing a belt with a suit, you should follow the known rule of matching the color of your belt with your shoes as they complement each other.

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