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50 Prayers to Command the Morning

command the morning

Why not command the morning. You have the given the power of commanding the morning with the fact that you are a Christian and a child of God. Declare it with amazing powerful morning prayer points.

You have been given the power to command your mornings. God have given you dominion over the earth, authority to declare certain things and now is the time for you to put the power to use. You have to command your mornings.

This post is for those that really want to go spiritual about how their days, and weeks is going to pan out. It goes further into another deep level of command; way beyond the usual good morning prayer messages and good morning text messages. It dwells more on the ability to dig a bit deeper and go spiritual on how you want the days of the rest of your life to be. This is the time to command the morning!

20 Command the morning prayers

These command your morning prayers are what you need right now.

1 Every power waiting for me in the night to bring all my activities of the day down, I pray that you king of glory will bring them down in Jesus name. Every activities of the evil ones to make my strength turn to weakness, I break them down in the name of Jesus. I command my morning today. I will rise and shine.

2 I pray that this morning, I will arise and get my portion from the goodies of life. I will stand up against my enemies and collect back the portion that has already been stolen. I will rise and be the best version of myself. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

3 I declare the almighty God as my lord and saviour and I declare his lordship over this new day and beautiful week. I command my morning today, it will rise and do my will. I get under the protection of the bright sunlight of the morning, as I walk my path of destiny today. May I go forth and bring new fruits in the name of Jesus.

4 I command the morning this day to take charge of the middle and ends of the earth and push out all the works of the wicked ones away.

5 I will have dominion over all negativity this morning and the light of the almighty shall fall over me and what I lay my hands on in the name of Jesus.

6 Let my light break forth in what I do today and forever. Amen.

7 Listen to me oh Lord, hear the voice that I speak out to you. hear my voice king of glory for you are the one I will always pray to. Listen to the voice of my heart dear God and answer all my prayers. Let me have a reason to smile and be happy this week. Bless me today and forever, king of glory.

8 Empower me today oh Lord, and set me on the path of success. Grant me the best days oh Lord and make me get to the pinnacle of my career!

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